As a mom, you’re used to telling the kids how important school is, what it means to their future, and how an education benefits them. Each time you give them the speech there’s no doubt you feel impassioned by what you’re saying and you want them to grasp the full gravity of it. But here’s the thing, it’s not just important to your kids –  going to school could be something that you could also benefit from.

It’s very easy to get caught up in day to day stress, errands, and responsibilities and find yourself putting your own needs, your career aspirations and goals on the backburner – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even if you’ve never considered furthering your education and heading back to school, you may be surprised to learn the different ways it could benefit you. Here we’ll take a look at why going back to school could be the best decision you make.

Lead by Example

There is truly no better way to teach your kids a valuable life lesson than leading by example. Practicing what you preach, as they say, helps to drive home the point to kids. If the kids see you taking school seriously and working to improve your future through furthering your education, it can help to shape the way they view their own education.

Do Something for Yourself

Then there is the fact that heading back to school isn’t about other people, it’s about you. It’s about doing something that makes you feel good, fulfills a goal or dream, and just makes you feel good about yourself. Earning a degree or diploma will fill you with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and fill you with confidence – something employers are always looking for.

Everyone knows that moms are notorious for putting the kids first, but what about your own needs and wants? Don’t discount your feelings or you may be left feeling angry, resentful, and probably have a fair amount of regrets in life.

Create a More Comfortable Financial Future 

Furthering your education also typically results in a higher paying job, which means you’ll have that much more financial security. These days, people are often living paycheck to paycheck, so think how nice it would be to lift some of that financial stress off your plate. Whether it is a new job or a promotion, a higher salary is definitely within reach.

Better Your Odds of Finding a Job

For some people, going back to school is about bettering their odds of finding a job. Let’s face it, it’s not easy out there today, and finding a job that is interesting, pays well, and offers a sense of security doesn’t happen for everyone. While education doesn’t guarantee job security, it will certainly help your odds significantly.

Online Programs Make It Easier Than Ever Before

There is also the fact that online programs have now made it easier than ever before to go back to school. Many schools allow you to take all your courses online, never once stepping foot in a classroom or on campus. This also makes for a very flexible and convenient study schedule, which can work around your other commitments. There’s no reason to quit your job or find childcare for the kids, as you can study during the hours that work for you.

As for what kind of programs are available online, there is a real mix out there. You can start from scratch pursuing a whole new career path, or you can work on advancing in your current career by furthering your education. Take, for example, the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) online program available through Suffolk University. It is conducted online and is an accelerated program that you can complete in just two years. That means you could be in your dream job in two years.

A Decision that Can Re-Shape the Direction of Your Life

Going back to school isn’t anything to take lightly. It is something that requires careful consideration, planning, and financial resources to pay for the schooling. To say that it’s a decision that can re-shape the direction of your life isn’t an exaggeration, as you may well set yourself on a completely new path in your career.