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If you like to add digital learning to change up your homeschool, let me tell you about Math Shed and Spelling Shed. I have been using Spelling Shed with my two oldest kids as a way to help practice their spelling skills.

The program is game-based, which means my kids are more likely to “want” to use it because they love video games. But at the same time, it actually teaches and reinforces spelling words that they need to know.

As the parent or teacher you have the option to use the spelling lists that are already created, or use your own lists.

Lists can be selected based on grade level so your student is getting the appropriate words for their age. You can either choose to let students just play the game, or give them assignments that include specific word lists. Either way they are getting great spelling practice!

Once your student logs in they have multiple game formats to choose from. Play (practice spelling 10 words in a timed format), Beekeeper (guess a word by choosing letters), Buzz Words (create words with random tiles), and Hive games (students can play with others inside the program).

You can also choose to play at an Easy, Medium, Hard, or Extreme level. In easy the word is shown, an audio clip is played, and only the included letter tiles are given as an option to spelling the word (they are jumbled around). As you increase difficulty, some of the helpful things are removed. In medium the word is not shown to start, in hard there are extra letters included, and in extreme all the letters of the alphabet are there and you only get the audio.

I assign my kids to “Play” which is where they practice spelling 10 words at a time. If they get a word right a screen pops up and says ‘correct’, gives the definition and awards points. If incorrect, a screen pops up to give the correct spelling along with the definition, and no points are awarded (points are great for buying things for your avatar and other fun stuff).

If there is one improvement I would ask for in this game is that it would make the children go back and try spelling that incorrect word again right away. The game just moves on so there is no immediate correction. I tell my own children to note the spelling and if they don’t score at least 90% correct in the game they need to play it again. This seems to be working for us.

More About Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed (and Math Shed) is an online subscription where you will get one year access to the Teacher Hub. This includes access for up to 5 students who each have their own individual login. The web games are designed for 1st to 5th graders.

Spelling Shed includes weekly downloadable spelling curriculum for grades 1-5 that can be accessed from the Teacher Hub.  Each week has a lesson plan that corresponds with the grade level, activities and printable practice homework sheets with answers. Parents and students can also create their own customized spelling lists and online spelling challenges with multiple students in leagues.

We haven’t used Math Shed yet, but I plan to use it this summer to supplement my kids’ learning and give them a fun alternative to our textbooks. Math Shed allows students to practice math facts and functions in several categories with the choice of Easy – Medium – Hard.  

  • Number Bonds
  • Times Tables
  • Add and Subtract
  • Powers of 10 
  • and More

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