My husband and I are slowing weaning our fourth child off both nursing and really soft foods. He already has six teeth and is chewing on everything! He is so ready to eat more solid foods, but we haven’t given him a ton up to this point. We typically start with really soft, steamed veggies, and move on to other food for teething babies from there.

While we typically make most of our food from scratch and keep it simple with whole vegetables and fruits, there are times when we want to mix it up a bit. If you are looking to start your baby on more solid foods here is a great list of things to start with.


Finger Food for Teething Babies


  • Diced sweet potatoes – fully cooked and soft in texture (skin removed)
  • Diced carrots – steamed or boiled until soft
  • Soft cooked peas (great for mastering dexterity as well)
  • Small bits of soft cooked green beans
  • Diced squash (acorn or butternut) – bake until soft

For vegetables, limit adding anything else so as to get your child used to eating the vegetables in their natural state. You are sure to develop eaters who love to eat their veggies later in life!


  • Diced Avocado pieces
  • Squished Blueberries (do not give whole berries to avoid a choking hazard)
  • Diced banana
  • Diced kiwi
  • Diced bits of ripe mango

Give your child a variety of fruits to expose them to new tastes and textures. Just remember to keep the pieces small and make sure the fruit is ripe and soft.

Other Foods

  • Soft cooked pasta cut into bite sized pieces
  • Small bits of soft cheeses
  • Diced chicken or fish, cooked soft
  • Small pieces of toast with fruit topping
  • Pancakes cut into small squares, topped with a fruit spread
  • Scrambled or fried egg yolks, cut small

Including Baby in Your Breakfast – Easy Ideas!

While your baby may not quite be ready to eat everything the big kids or mom and dad are eating, there are simple ways he/she can enjoy some of the same foods while also get some great chewing practice by making some simple substitutions.

One easy way to do this is to use textured foods or fruit bits. Great food for teething babies is bananas and bits of apple. We topped baby’s pancakes with these instead of sugary syrup and he just loved it!


I mean, I’d eat that it looks so good!

We cut it into bite-sized pieces with a little of the Apple and Banana puree on each piece, and he was all smiles after trying it.

gerber-baby-breakfast-bits  finger-food-breakfast-bits-gerber-baby
The seal of approval right there!

Do you have a baby ready to chew?
What food for teething babies are in your repertoire?