Whenever I bring a craft project out for the kids to do I get mixed reactions.  My son, who is five, sometimes balks at them because he is not the “crafty” type of person.  Even his daycare teacher mentioned that he doesn’t like to do them there either.  My daughter, who is three, loves to do anything crafty.  She will gladly cut, glue, paste, color, or anything else you can dream up for her.

So when I told my kids I had a project for them to do one evening, the first reactions I got were this:

Austin:  I don’t want to do a project.

Bella:  Yay!  A project!

You can see this completely fits their personalities, lol.  I then followed up with this:

Me:  Austin, you are going to get to make a birdhouse!  Bella, you can make an Owl!

Austin:  A birdhouse?  Ok, I’ll make a birdhouse!

Bella:  Yay!  A project!   I want to make an Owl!  (Ok, I don’t really remember what exactly she said, but I’m sure whatever it was she was very excited as always, lol).

Since I am not a very creative person, I don’t often have projects on hand readily available for the kids to do.  We have coloring books and my daughter will sometimes make her own project out of it by coloring, cutting them up, putting stickers on, or gluing pictures on the pages; but I am not so creative when it comes to this kind of thing.  So when I had a chance to get a Green Kid Crafts box I was really excited to have the kids try it out.  As you can see from the reaction above, they were kinda excited too!

Here is what the box looked like when we opened it up:

The three kits we were given were for building a birdhouse, making owls, and making a spotting scope.  They gave us all the materials we needed (except a little glue).

I knew my son would love building the birdhouse so I got him setup to do that, and he put it together by himself, with just a little help from mom.  Then he set about painting it just the way he wanted.  My daughter got to work on making her owl.  Mom and Dad cut out the pieces of felt for her, but she got to use the glue dots and stick everything on!  We decided to save the spotting scope, and the second owl for another time.  

Both kids had a ton of fun, and really enjoyed showing off their finished projects.

This picture of my daughter (directly above) is actually entered into the Green Kid Crafts photo contest.  Voting opens on 09/18/12 and we would love if you could head over and give her a vote.  Here is the link: Craft Contest.  It is not active yet, but be sure to bookmark it, or write yourself a note to come on back and give her a vote!  She would love to win!  Plus, for each vote placed, Green Kid Crafts will donate 50 cents to Healthy Child Healthy World!  It’s a Win/Win!

Want to learn more about what Green Kid Crafts is and what they have to offer?  Check out their website here:  Green Kid Crafts.  You can find out about their monthly discovery box delivery service, and about how each of the activities are connected by a different theme.  Each month they cover various developmental areas through art, science, and imaginative and active play.  All materials are earth-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable. 


Written by Jesica.

Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.