I have a few people on my gift list this year that are very hard to buy for. My sister-in-law for one, is especially picky. For starters, she is a vegetarian, so getting her food related gifts is difficult as I have to make sure that there are no animal by-products used whatsoever.

In addition, she is relatively picky for most other things as well. Getting her a gift is hit or miss as you never know if it will meet her “high standards.”  

This year I think I have found the perfect gift for her! Not only will it satisfy her in the food category, but it should appease her in how much fun it is as well! I plan on giving her this kit from Back To The Roots, where she can grow her own mushrooms. This will allow her full control as to growing and eating the mushrooms (which is something I know that she loves!).

One of the things I love about this kit, is how easy it is! If you have a really busy lifestyle, you can still do this because all it requires is a little misting of water now and then…and the mister is included!

The instructions are right on the box, and you don’t need to do anything but open at the perforated points, cut, soak, mist, and grow!

Here is a peek inside the box, where you can see an inkling of what awaits you:

You may have noticed that the “soil” in this box is not brown like you would expect dirt to be. That is because Back To The Roots uses recycled coffee grounds as the soil base for your mushrooms!

So not only do you get to grow your own mushrooms, but they are eliminating millions of pounds of waste from going into landfills! 

Back To The Roots doesn’t stop there; they also love involving schools in what they are doing.

Back to the Roots is constantly teaching “hands-on-sustainbility” workshops in classrooms across the country and hosting school tours for kids to visit our urban mushroom farm. We love seeing kids get excited about growing their own food – we want growing mushrooms through this kit to be such an exicting and inspirational experience that they forever are interested in food, how it grows, and questions where the rest of the food they eat is coming from!

Our 1-for-1 Facebook Campaign: Post a picture with your kit fully grown on our facebook page and we’ll donate a kit & sustainability curriculum to an elementary classroom of your choice to support youth sustainability education! We’ve reached over 10,000 kids with this campaign! Our Whole Foods 1 Kit, 1 Dollar Compaign: For every kit sold in Whole Foods nationwide, we are donating $1 to the Whole Kids Foundation to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle amongst kids.

Mommy Bunch ApprovedIf you have that one hard to buy for person on your list, or just want to experience growing your own mushrooms, I highly recommend trying out this kit from Back To The Roots!

This works great for homeschoolers as well, who want to give their children the experience of growing their own food! You can find out more about Back To The Roots, as well as purchase your own kit, here: Back To The Roots


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this post, all opinions are our own.