My husband is always getting on me about working out and staying in shape. He doesn’t think that being a potato is a shape, and that’s what I have right now.  🙂

To help get me in shape, we started doing insanity. I immediately dropped the first night. I am so out of shape and I was sweating like I never have before. I kept taking breaks to grab a towel and wipe off my forehead from all the sweat!

It couldn’t have worked out better that I was getting a Handana to try out soon after we started doing this program! When my Handana came in the mail, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to try it the next time we did our Insanity workout.


Handana is a high performance fashionable sweatband that wraps around your hand. You can use both sides of your hand to wipe sweat from your neck or forehand, while leaving your hand completely free. And if you’re like me, you need those hands, either to keep your stride smooth or to open GU packets and water bottles.


It slid on so easy, and it fits my hand so well it feels like there is nothing there. Pink is my favorite color, but there are more to choose from and you can choose the lining color around it as well.

When we went to do our next Insanity workout I made sure to wear it. My husband was making fun of me, but when we really started getting into it I did not have to stop and take so many breaks like he did. I could just wipe my face with my wrist and that was it.

Mommy Bunch ApprovedNow my husband is wanting one in his stocking for Christmas this year! 🙂 This is perfect for anyone working out, you always work up a sweat and this was so easy to use and so handy, plus it is way more fashionable than a standard headband/sweatband!

There is nothing that I found wrong with this product! I actually caught my husband doing p90x wearing it. That was funny to see since it is pink, but he really likes it as well.

Interested in the Handana?  You can find them for about $15 each here: Handana


Written by Heather.

Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.