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If you have young kids, you may have given thought about how to help them learn how to read and write. Whether they are attending public school, or you are homeschooling like we are, giving your child the best start in reading and writing can really set them up for success in all aspects of their education.

My own daughter (age 5) is just starting to learn how to read and write this year. She can recognize letters and numbers, can write her own name, but we haven’t done too much work beyond that yet. Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks were introduced to me recently and I decided to give them a try as we work on her handwriting skills. We tried out the Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard for Sight Words and Neat Numbers.

Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcards for Sight Words

As we work on letter sounds and begin our reading journey, I also want my daughter to work on writing. The Channie’s Dry Erase Sight Words Flashcards provide us a great way to do both!

My daughter can easily practice her letter writing skills right on the flashcards, then we can work on the letter sounds as well as simple sight word recognition.

We have been using the dry erase sight word flashcards for a few weeks, practicing twice a week alongside our reading program as handwriting practice while we build reading fluency. We will typically practice for about 10-15 minutes each time.

My daughter really likes using the flashcards because we can take it in small chunks. We start out with just a few cards from the deck and practice those same cards over and over until she’s got them down, then we move on to another set.

She also likes to be able to quickly erase if she makes a boo-boo, and will sometimes get silly and draw random pictures on the cards to make it more fun.

Overall, these are high-quality cards that should last a long time and can be used over and over again. With another child who will need to learn how to read, I’m happy to have a product that will withstand lots of use and is one my children enjoy using!

Neat Numbers

In addition to the sight words flashcards, we also tried out the Neat Numbers workbook. My daughter can recognize her numbers, but writing them has been a challenge. From mixing up fives and twos to getting the curves just right in threes and eights, she often feels like she cannot write numbers.

We have been using Neat Numbers three times a week. Since my daughter is still pretty young we have started out just doing one line from each page in the workbook. After finishing all the numbers (1 – 10), we’ll go back through and do them again and complete the second line on each page, then the third, and so on.

It’s a little hard to see as the pencil is really light, but she’s completed a couple of lines here on the ones.

The repetition is great practice for getting everything just right, and it builds confidence so she doesn’t feel nervous about writing the numbers on her own.

What I really like about how the writing blocks are laid out in the workbook is the color-coding. Unlike normal handwriting paper, Neat Numbers is split into two parts. The top half of each writing line is white and the bottom half is green. A dotted line separates the two halves, making it quite easy to see where you should make your curves, and where your numbers should begin and end.

Additionally, as you move further into the workbook there is also beginning math practice. We have not reached this point yet, but it’s a great visual supplement for learning addition and subtraction.

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