I am a very emotional (some would say moody) person.  I am always leery of taking anything with high levels of hormones (such as some birth control pills) just because I am not sure of the reaction they will have on my moods and emotions.  For anyone who has never had to deal with “mood swings”, you may not have any idea what is like to know you are acting irrationally, yet not really know why or having any control over it.  It has caused many fights between my husband and myself, and it really creates a feeling of helplessness in me.  If there is something that can help me control my hormones, and with it my emotional highs and lows, I would be very interested in learning more about it.

I recently came across starflower oil, and was wondering if anyone has used this, or has heard more about it?  It sounds like it could be a promising, natural way to help me with my mood swings.

According to Nature’s Best starflower oil:

“Starflower oil is the oil extracted from borage seeds which has been found to have a naturally high level of the precious compound called GLA. This is an Omega 6 fatty acid which is used by the body to make certain hormones. In theory our bodies can make GLA but research on evening primrose oil has shown that supplements of GLA can be helpful for some people, and now many women choose a GLA supplement around the time of their period.

Starflower oil is a very concentrated source of GLA which means that each capsule can deliver more than twice the level of GLA than the equivalent sized evening primrose capsule.”

In reading this, it seems as if blocking hormones could be beneficial to someone like me.  If you have any tips or suggestions, or have heard of this, please let me know what you think!


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