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I recently had a family member who underwent cancer treatment far from home. Her husband was by her side every day, but that also meant he needed a place he could sleep (if he got any sleep) and refresh. She was in the hospital for several months as she underwent treatment, which is costly on its own but when you also have to add in additional lodging costs things can really start to add up fast.

Thousands of cancer patients can’t afford a place to stay when the best treatment is far from home. A room shouldn’t be the difference between life and death. Last year the American Cancer Society provided lodging for 50,000 patients and caregivers. Let’s continue to make sure that everyone who needs a room gets one! Join the American Cancer Society and make noise to finish the fight against cancer. Join the American Cancer Society and make noise to finish the fight against cancer.

Facing cancer is hard. Having to travel out of town for treatment can make it even harder.

This campaign from the American Cancer Society really hits home for me, as I’ve witnessed first hand how devastating it can be to be far from home while a loved one is getting treatment. I was lucky enough to be able to visit while my aunt was in the hospital as the treatment center was actually somewhat close to where I live, but other families members who don’t live near me had to make a very long trip to be able to visit. It can be hard on both the family and the person getting treatment when a simple visit is hard to accomplish. This is why I think it is so important to be able to help provide families the help and assistance they may need to make those visits possible.

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This post is in memoriam of Barbara L. Brown; a wonderful person, aunt, sister, wife, and mother. You are missed dearly.