If you have been looking at doing any renovations or repairs to your home, buying direct can help you save some extra cash versus buying in a big box store. BuildDirect is an online supplier or home improvement products that is dedicated to being below budget and above expectations.

We are currently in the market to do some home improvement projects on our own home and honestly the list is a mile long, but some of the things that are top on my priority list are a new roof, new siding, and new flooring. I found some great looking tiles for flooring, and the best part is that they will send you free samples so you can look at it in person before you decide! I love that the samples are free because not every company will do that.  Here is some travertine tile I found that looks really nice:

travertine flooring

I also found some fiber cement siding that I will have to discuss with my husband. We have to get started on these projects soon or they just won’t ever get done!

More About BuildDirect

By connecting the consumer directly to the manufacturer, BuildDirect simplifies the buying chain resulting in the best prices in the market with the same level of quality as national brands. Consumers enjoy the flexibility to purchase home improvement products online with generous free samples, easy product delivery, 30-day return guarantee and access to product experts. BuildDirect delivers a reliable and hassle-free experience in an industry known for historically poor customer service and where often, the consumer assumes all of the risk.Ultimately, BuildDirect exceeds expectations by supplying quality products and ideas for less time, effort and money giving customers a great sense of accomplishment by helping them turn their house into a home.

BuildDirect has 12 warehouse locations across North America and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. For more information, visit www.builddirect.com.  You can also find BuildDirect on their Facebook page.


So tell us…

Do you have any home improvement projects on the agenda this year?



Thank you to BuildDirect for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.