My three year old loves to “read” to us. She doesn’t actually know how to read words, but she uses pictures and tells us a story. This is the basis of all reading, or so I am told anyway. 

I think it is wonderful that she is able to use her imagination and create stories for us, but I also want her to start recognizing some of the letters in the alphabet as well. 

Sure she can sing the entire alphabet song, and is a very smart little girl, but we haven’t actually sat down with her to introduce her to what the alphabet is.

Melissa Thea’s AlphaBetter Book has made is remarkably simple for us to be able to do that! The book is an alphabet activity book, with alphabet stories. Each story is dedicated to one letter, and that letter is used predominately throughout the story.

So far we have done the letter A, and are starting on B, but my daughter has loved it! She has been able to recognize letters after just reading, coloring, and playing around with the letter one time! I can’t wait to keep working on this with her!

Anyone wishing to buy the book can get it directly from publisher – email, give the number of copies wanted and where to send book – a bill will be emailed and can be paid via paypal online, or by check by mail and the book will be sent immediately.

It retails for $10.95 but if someone contacts them saying they read about it on The Mommy Bunch, they will sell it for $10 with free shipping!

Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.