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YWAM Publishing offered us several choices from their Heroes of History series of books and we chose to review Benjamin Franklin Live Wire.

History is one of those things I can’t get enough of. I get excited when discussing different periods throughout history with my kids, and I find myself learning just as much as they are as we delve deep into centuries past.

American History Studies

Currently, we are learning and discovering more about early American history, including the time right before the revolutionary war, as well as what happened shortly after.

One of the key persons at this time was Benjamin Franklin, and we are using the book Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire to learn more about the history of his life and contributions to society (in addition to other texts we are reading about that period as a whole). 

Why I Like Heroes Of History

There are 26 books in the Heroes of History series that include biographies of inspirational men and women who had some historical impact. Some of these go back to the founding of our country, men such as William Penn and George Washington, while others are more modern-day heroes like Ben Carson and Ronald Reagan. 

As you read these books, history, geography, government, and science come alive as the tales of these inspirational men and women are told. These living books leave a lasting impression on children as they learn about notable figures from the past.

But the thing that makes the Heroes of History books stand out to me the most are the downloadable study guides that enrich the learning experience. Too often, I’ll choose a living book to go along with a unit we’re studying, but I won’t have any activities, questions, or other supplemental material planned to go along with the book due to time constraints, and… life. YWAM Publishing makes it easy to enhance the reading by including arts and craft activities, study questions, essay options, and a complete unit study guide. 

The PDF study guide includes 83 pages of ideas and activities. You can pick and choose activities to fit your needs. So far, we are using the chapter questions, map work, an art project, and a culminating project at the end of the unit study.

Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire

In Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire, you will learn the life story of Mr. Franklin. Stories from his childhood and his adult life showcase what his life was like, his inventiveness, as well as the political contributions he made to society.

I’m having my two older children read this book independently, and then we come together to discuss and answer questions (from the study guide) after each chapter. 

My kids loved reading about all of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions, and as part of our unit study, my son has a final project picked out from the study guide that focuses on those inventions. He will be making a flyable kite that includes pictures or artifacts placed on the kite showcasing all of Mr. Franklin’s designs that have contributed to our society today.

My daughter hasn’t picked out her project yet, but she is a very creative soul, and my guess is she’ll choose to write a skit or play, or a dramatization of what life was like in Benjamin Franklin’s time.

My kids are enjoying reading this book as they learn about our early American history and the people that shaped our lives today, and we are all learning some new things! I recommend these books both as a family read-aloud or independent reading for older students. When paired with the study guide, they are an excellent supplement to any unit study.

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