Hiking is one of those outdoor adventures that any age can truly do. Even if you’ve entered the “above the age of 30” realm, you’re still capable of enjoying everything that hiking has to offer. If you are ready to hit the trails, all you need are a few hiking essentials and you can be out the door in no time flat, exploring everything that the great outdoors has to uncover.

Before you load up your bag and start on your trek, it’s important to prepare yourself with a few hiking essentials that can help you along your way!

Hiking Essentials For People 30 And Up

Trekking Poles

Don’t downplay the need for a trekking pole! They are one of those extremely useful items that you’ll be so thankful that you have once you lace up your hiking boots and get out and about on your hike. Before you pack anything else for your hike, pack your trekking pole first.

Not only do they help you get through some pretty steep and rough terrain, but they also are a good way to help distribute your weight while hiking many miles as well.

How To Use Trekking Poles Correctly

When using a trekking pole make sure to adjust the wrist straps to prevent aching hands and sprained wrists. Many first-timers may not be aware, but the correct way to wear the strap is to put your hand through the appropriate strap from the bottom so it rests snugly around your wrist and then grasp the grip and top of the strap with your hand.

A properly adjusted strap is tight enough to help support the weight of your hand on the pole, but not so tight that it’s difficult to remove or restricts circulation to the hand.

You’ll also want to make sure the pole is adjusted to the right height. Your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle to the pole.

When walking uphill keep the poles close to the body and have the poles a little shorter. You want to help push yourself off, not pull yourself up the hill. Conversely, when going downhill the poles should be a little longer so that you are still standing upright when you plant the pole in front of you. 

Hydration Pack

Keeping up your intake of water while hiking is extremely important! Dehydration can lead to muscle pain, charlie horses, and even severe fatigue. Filling up bottles to take is always a good idea, but a hydration pack can be really helpful. 

Most packs have plenty of side pockets to store other items that you may need such as power bars and other quick snacks, plus it has a large bladder bag that can hold a ton of water. Being able to continue on your hike without having to stop and pull out a water bottle each and every time definitely has its perks! 

Simply load up your bladder bag with water, pack any gear, and you are ready to go!


Making certain to keep your body and skin protected from the sun is important when hiking. If you plan on being outdoors for several hours during the daytime, wearing sunscreen is a must.

As you continue to age, it becomes more and more important to take care of the skin that you have in to be able to continue to age at an appropriate rate. Don’t let the sun speed up your years just because you forgot to put on sunscreen during all of your hiking adventures. 

If I’m on a really strenuous hike, though, the sunblock and my moisturizer will sometimes run and hit my eyes and it hurts. A good quick-dry sports towel can help with that! The towel helps you keep the sweat from running and keeps you feeling fresh.

hiking essentials

Hiking is an amazing way to get out and about and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Make certain to have these three hiking essentials packed and prepared for your next hiking adventure, as well as any other necessities that you can think of.

The more that you can plan ahead and prepare, the more enjoyable your hike will be.