How do you teach your kids about the joy of giving, the meaning behind Thanksgiving, or just how to enjoy some quality family time?

In my family, I love to be able to use any chance I can get to show my children how much joy you can get out of doing things for others. This year, I decided I wanted to start a new family tradition. A tradition of giving. 

One of the easiest, and most fun things for kids to do is to help create something. It could be crafts, baked goods, or anything little hands can help make. This year we decided to make some muffins to share with our neighbors.

We’ve lived in our current home for nearly three years now, and I only know a few of my neighbors. I thought giving the muffins would be a great way for our family to spread some holiday joy, while at the same time getting to know our neighbors!

When baking with kids, it is a lot of fun to let them help as much as possible. We decided to use a muffin mix, from Miffy’s Muffins, for our treat. We got the pumpkin spice flavor, which calls for real pumpkin! Not only will these be great treats, they will be healthy too. 

Making the mix is really easy. You don’t need too many ingredients; just some oil, eggs, milk, and pumpkin.

Having little helpers makes the end product so much more worthwhile. My kids really love being able to measure and add ingredients themselves!

Once your mix is ready to go you can add it to a muffin pan. Since we were giving these as gifts, we lined ours with paper liners. Using an ice cream scoop to fill the pan is a great tip for filling them evenly!

Once the muffins are out of the pan and cooled, we can start packaging them up.

We decided to box up a couple of muffins for each neighbor, and we put them in cute little recipe boxes. We also threw in a little candy from Deo Perfume Candy (the candy that makes you smell like roses!).

Our neighbors were very surprised and pleased to get a little gift from us. The smile on everyone’s faces as we delivered their box was all we needed. And the fun my kids and I had making these was worth it all!

The kids did sneak a muffin or two before we sent some over to the neighbors, and they just gobbled them down….I guess that means they are kid approved!

What type of traditions do you celebrate with your kids? Do you have any specific holiday traditions that you try to teach them each year? Let us know!


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