For many people, holidays are filled with traditions and celebrations. Upholding traditions and rituals not only makes holidays unique but also helps you connect more with family and friends. Carrying out traditional practices during holidays enables you to invite wonder and tap the power of cherished memories that you will pass on for years to come. Below are some of the traditions you can try out with your family this holiday.

Acknowledge Blended Families

Holidays can be a bit trickier when families have gone through divorce and then remarriage. If you are celebrating the holiday with your in-laws or grandchildren, it would be best to include everyone in the traditional holiday that is now in the extended family.

Before meeting up for a holiday, reach out to each family member and ask them what type of family traditions they like celebrating. Some families cook different meals or make special drinks. We love to make hot chocolate on Christmas even using peppermint coffee syrup or dark chocolate sauce, then top it off with marshmallows. You can sip together with family while talking exchanging stories of the past year.

Include the Kids In Decorating

When I was a kid I remember waking up one morning and the house was dressed to the nines for Christmas. It was so exciting and fun to wake up knowing that the holidays had arrived. As an adult, I have always loved decorating for the holidays myself and have tried to make the experience seem magical for my own kids. But this year I’m going to bring them in on the decorating fun.

They have always decorated the Christmas tree, but we’re going to take it up a notch and really make the house feel festive. Including the kids in this process can make the holidays an even more memorable time for them. If you are on a budget, you can save money on Christmas decorations by making a few items yourself, plus that’ll add to the fun!

Come Up with Traditions That are Friendly to Children

If you have a large extended family with many grandchildren, you would not want to leave them out of the celebration. You could let the grandchildren come up with a song that relates to the holiday you are celebrating and let them sing it to everyone.

You can also give them a chance to sing any other songs or poems they have been taught at school. You can also allow them to tell jokes to each other and play child games with other children.

Children need to have a sense of belonging and get the attention they deserve. Therefore, it is essential to make them feel they are part of the family and listen to them during the holidays.

Cultural Heritage

Nowadays, families blend with people from different linguistic and ethnic groups, have cross-cultural marriages and have inter-faith weddings. When all of you come together during holidays, come up with ways to celebrate the different cultures.

If your in-laws are from a different country, make them feel comfortable playing songs of their language or greeting them in their native language. You can even go the extra mile and watch a native movie with them. You can also look for information on sites that educate the different cultures and how to preserve them.

Besides linguistic differences, cook the staple food of the culture represented by the people present. Allow them to cook for you or let them teach you. Finally, you can celebrate cultural diversity by dressing in cultural outfits to represent where you come from. But the most important thing is to ask what is important to that person so that they know you are coming from a place of love.

Be Environmentally Friendly

During holidays, there tends to be a lot of waste. Encouraging friends and family to adopt practices that reduce the impact on the environment is a step in the right direction. New habits can be hard to form, but it can be done!

For example, during meals, you can a nice plate set instead of paper or plastic plates. You can also make a new family tradition like buying small tree seedlings and planting them as a family. This will help reduce the impact of the carbon emissions produced when everyone is traveling for the holidays.

You can also say no to gifts packaged with non-eco-friendly materials like plastic and only give handmade gifts. Before buying gifts, look up which gifts are eco-friendly and go for them. Holidays can be fun as you conserve the environment. You don’t have to deprive yourself of fun or feel guilty; give thanks to nature for the abundant resources as a family.

Break From Technology

If you have the whole family together, you can decide to take a break from technology. Come up with a traditional holiday that does not require any technology so that everyone can fully participate.

The best way to have fun and celebrate a holiday with your family is by shutting out the noise and everyday clutter brought about by technology. Even if the technology is helpful and has the most beautiful attributes, having a technology-free day or weekend can be very relaxing.