Do you use connected devices and apps to run your household? Home automation is a growing industry with a seemingly endless range of connected products that you can now manage from your phone. The value of the home automation market is expected to hit $79 billion in 2020. So how can smart home systems actually help save you money?

How Home Automation Can Help You Save

Living Room

Use a smart thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable level at minimal cost.

Smart lighting can automate turning off the lights so no one every forgets again!


A smart showerhead is more efficient and can help keep track of water usage to trim your energy bills.

Leaving town? Shut off your lines from afar so you never have to worry about leaks again.


Using smart power strips can help you shut things off automatically when no one is in the room.

A ceiling fan with an occupancy sensor can be set to only run when you are in the room to enjoy it.

Kitchen and Dining

A smart indoor garden will help you keep fresh herbs on hand.

Appliances with the Energy Star rating have greater efficiency and some even have the ability to be controlled remotely.

Enjoying A Green Lifestyle

Whether you enjoy using the smart home capabilities when you travel or while you are at home, putting that power in the palm of your hand can help you maintain a mindful lifestyle that benefits everyone.

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Helping Kids Learn To Be Green

The younger generation also needs to understand the importance of the environment, and it’s our job to teach them. Installing a home automation system is a great starting point to teach your children about the value of preserving energy and living more efficiently. Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. details the significance of reducing your carbon footprint while also lowering your bills and staying within budget, a lesson that is never too early to learn.

Integrating smart technology into your home is a great way to live a safer, healthier, and greener lifestyle — all the while saving the green in your wallet and showing your kid the importance of taking care of the environment.

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