Home automation — also referred to as a smart home or a connected home — is a newer form of technology that allows you to remotely control digital systems in your home. Automated devices are installed around the home and are connected to an app on your smartphone via an internet connection. Not long ago, the idea of adjusting your home thermostat via cell phone while you’re at work was inconceivable. Today, the use of home automation systems is not just a luxury or trendy technology, but a practical tool for homeowners. 

Increased Security

Automated security systems are increasingly common with homeowners. They are a great deterrent for burglars and porch pirates and give you instant information about what’s happening at home. A quick check of your security app shows which entrances are actively armed and allows you to monitor security cameras in real-time.

With a smart doorbell, you get motion alerts when someone approaches your door, use two-way audio to talk, and check on your packages with high-resolution video. It’s easy to start with just one, or a couple, smart security devices and then grow and change your system as you discover what works for you.  

Image via Flickr by MarkMoz1980

Advanced Safety

As smart home appliances advance in technology, so do their safety features. Have peace of mind knowing you can shut off the outlet your curling iron is accidentally still plugged into, or double-check that you really did shut off the stove. Arriving home after dark is no longer scary when you can turn on all the lights before you arrive. Improve your health with an air quality monitor that reports common pollutants and feel confident knowing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are Wi-Fi enabled.

Improved Efficiency

Making the investment to connect your home will definitely pay off financially. You’ll notice an immediate change in your utility bills as smart apps help you analyze usage and make personalized recommendations on where to reduce energy, water, and gas usage. An automated home will likely raise its market value and decrease your insurance premiums. A smart fridge can alert you when the door is left open, a smart oven can prevent an overcooked dinner, and a smart vacuum will clean the floors to your specifications. Automating your home will save you time and money.

Remote Operation

Don’t underestimate the value of controlling your home remotely. Vacationing in another country is a breeze when you don’t need someone to house sit. Instead, you can make it seem like someone is home by blaring your favorite jams and changing which lights are on. It only takes a second to shut off your water line, adjust the thermostat, or water your smart garden. Even if you’re not a vacationer, you can still enjoy the convenience of monitoring your home on the go. No need to worry about Rover, you can toss him a treat, refill his water bowl, and let him out of the doggy door while you’re at work. 

As a homeowner, it’s worth taking the time to research home automation systems. You may be surprised by how much money you can save and by how many other benefits there are. With so many different options, you can find a home automation system that’s right for you.