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If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been loving having a wire-free security system installed around our home. I love capturing all the fun moments when my kids are playing, I love capturing the wildlife that may happen to roam through our yard, and I also love having a little peace of mind

Look closely, there’s a cat in this picture!

Utilizing A Security System

So far we’ve had our wire-free security system from Lorex for about four months. In that time the weather conditions have been pretty mild for Wisconsin. But all that has changed recently as temperatures have dipped below zero and the wind-chill has been even colder. 

We’ve had a few early release days from school and a day or two where school has been canceled due to snow and/or poor weather conditions. 

So how have my Lorex cameras held up during these frigid and windy conditions? 

A snapshot of snowfall captured on the security camera.

Winter Conditions

Living through winter in Wisconsin isn’t for the meek, that is for sure. If you want to thrive in these blustery conditions, you have to be ready to bundle up and brave the cold.

We don’t shut down the roads and we don’t stay locked up in our homes for a little dusting of snow here or there. And we certainly don’t run out for bread and milk at every little hint of snow coming our way (sorry Easterners… had to 😂).

Instead, we live with what mother nature has given us and enjoy the beauty of winter… even when mother nature throws us a storm or two.

Photo by Elizabeth Carpenter Photography – Winter In Wisconsin

I’m happy to report that my Lorex security cameras are definitely Wisconsin winter ready and have held up through some very cold temperatures with no degradation in video quality. 

To give you a little example of what we have to deal with, here is a little snippet of my husband clearing out our driveway after a light snowfall.

The temperature was pretty cold that day as well so I’m glad it was him out there and not me. Even though I grew up in Wisconsin, I’m happy to huddle under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee and keep toasty warm until I really have to venture outside. 🙂



Yes, that is a lawnmower that we use as a snowblower in the winter. It’s an attachment that goes on the mower, and when you have a big yard coupled with snow throughout the winter, sometimes you need the right tools for the job!

Learn More About The Lorex Security System

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Regardless of your reason for considering a wire-free security system, I highly recommend the Lorex 1080p HD Wire-Free Camera System we went with.

You get everything you need right in one box, setup is simple and easy, and if you are like me you will enjoy watching the playback of what has been happening around your house — it’s better than reality TV!

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Photo Credit: Snowfall, by Elizabeth Carpenter Photography. Find her on Facebook as well!

All video captured with our Lorex Wire Free Security System: Lorex 1080p HD Wire-Free Camera System (affiliate link)