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Let’s Go Geography is a homeschool geography curriculum that lets your kids explore the countries and cultures of the world they live in, in an exciting way. My family and I have been having fun with the Let’s Go Geography, Year 2 curriculum that covers countries all over the world.

Let’s Go Geography Year 2

Note: We have purchased the year 1 curriculum as well, however, the year 2 curriculum has countries that we are studying in history right now so I decided to start there first. The great thing about this program is you can start anywhere you want!

The year 2 program starts with learning/reviewing information about each of the continents. You’ll create tabs in a binder that corresponds to each continent, and as you learn more about the countries throughout the world, your students will add their work to the appropriate tab. It’s an excellent way for you to be able to keep a record of what they’ve been learning as well as a great way for the kids to look back at the work they’ve done.

Since this curriculum is designed for grades K-5 you can really bring in the entire family to learn about geography. There are activities that everyone can do at the same time, and the older kids have suggested supplemental activities to enhance their learning experience.

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There is a different country in almost every lesson (the U.S. is split up into different lessons throughout the entire curriculum), and each unit is packed full of activities. You color maps and flags, listen to songs, watch videos (which my kids love doing), explore the area through pictures and books, make a craft project based on the theme of the country, and do a little notebooking as well.

This curriculum is great for all learning types. I have some kids that are really hands-on and love crafts, one that loves to read, one that loves watching videos. This curriculum gives you a little of everything and ties it all together. My kids have not gotten bored as we worked through each unit, and have really enjoyed finishing up with a craft at the end.

All of the coursework for Let’s Go Geography is accessible by logging into your account. You’ll have two years to download all of the lesson files unless you choose the lifetime subscription. Year 1 and Year 2 are separate subscriptions but you can access both from your dashboard.

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All lessons are pdf files that you download and save to your computer. The lessons are very thorough and walk you through exactly what to do step-by-step. Links are included for supplemental resources like videos and additional reading and everything is written out really well. To access the lessons simply click on the one you’d like to start working on.

You’ll be able to access the download from this screen and save it to your computer.

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How I’m Using Let’s Go Geography

I like to include geography instruction with my history lessons so we have a clear view of the area in the world that is being referenced in our studies. The Let’s Go Geography curriculum has been a great way for me to do that. We will learn about a place and time in history, then do a unit from Let’s Go Geography that corresponds to that place in the world. In this way, we not only get to see what that location was like long ago, but also what it is like now. It has been working out really well for my homeschool.

What It’s Not

I would like to be clear that this program is not a history course. While there may be a historical reference or two scattered within, for the most part, you are learning about the geographic location, demographics, languages, culture, landscape, and wildlife, etc. of each area of the world you study.

Let’s Go Geography, Year 2 – USA the Pacific Northwest

The latest lesson we completed was an area in the United States known as the Pacific Northwest. In this lesson, my kids all enjoyed coloring the regional map while I asked them questions about the area. The map had pictures on it that made answering the questions pretty easy, but this was also a good way for them to commit some of the information to memory.

After our map activity, we looked at some pictures from the area and watched some videos. My son found the videos about the lumber industry really interesting and he was captivated the whole time.

My kids also liked watching the video from the Mount St. Helens eruption, which they were interested to learn blew up the same year I was born (shhh, our secret). They couldn’t believe that ash from that eruption was found all the way around the world!

The other video that all of my kids found fascinating was a video that showcased a giant sequoia tree called, ‘The President’. It was so much fun watching this video that really showed the scale of these giant trees!

To see all the videos, pictures, and read about what was included in the lesson for the Pacific Northwest you’ll want to grab your copy of Let’s Go Geography today!

After reading a little more about the area and checking out some pictures, we moved on to our craft activity. In this fun project, we got to do some painting with watercolors and give our interpretation of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. We all had a ton of fun doing this!

Overall, my kids and I really enjoy using this curriculum and will continue to do so as we learn about different places around the world. If you are looking for a comprehensive hands-on geography curriculum, Let’s Go Geography may be just the thing. Find out more here: Your kids will love learning about their world with Let’s Go Geography.com!

Side Note: I realize you can find lots of books, maps, and printables on your own if you had the time. You could also find the videos yourself on YouTube, but Carol, the author of Let’s Go Geography, has tied everything together in a nice neat little package for you that saves you a ton of time and research on your own part — all for a really great price! Plus the crafts that she lays out step-by-step… totally worth it in my book.

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