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Drinking more water – week 2

Last week I mentioned how I wanted to start drinking more water, not only as part of my weight loss routine, but also just to be overall a healthier person. My goal is to start small and drink only water at work, saving weekends for my binges as I know I have a hard time sticking to water at home. My recommended water goal for Nutrisystem is 64oz of water per day. Right now I’m shooting for 24-32oz to get me started. So….how did I do?

M- Drank 24oz of water at work (had a soda at home)

T- Drank 24oz of water at work

W- Drank a soda at work, no water

Th- Drank a soda at work, no water

F- Drank nothing all day

**I do have a coffee every morning in addition to my water.

Well, for the first week I didn’t do too horribly bad. I started out strong, had a little breakdown in the middle, and ended even keel. My goal for this week is to increase my water drinking by one day. Feel free to comment to keep me motivated throughout the week!

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