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Drinking more water – A 40 Day Water Goal

This week my challenge to myself is to start drinking more water. Right now I drink way too much soda, and I really don’t drink much water at all. I need to change that. My goal is to only drink water all week long while I am at work. Hopefully I will also be able to curb my soda habit altogether, but right now I think baby steps are the key to making this last long term. If I just try to go cold turkey (which I have in the past), I am pretty sure it won’t last long.

I actually started on Thursday, and did really well the first day. I have a reusable water bottle at work so instead of grabbing a bottle of soda I just drank my water. It was difficult to curb the soda cravings, I’m not gonna lie, but I did it. I tried again on Friday, and that went well too. You would be surprised how much one has to go to the bathroom after they start drinking more water.  🙂

The weekends are always my Achilles heel. I don’t have the same routine as I do during the week, and although water is easily accessible I find myself reaching for my favorite comfort drink.

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