Wireless accessories, such as cases, chargers, and skins are still important to have, but these days there are accessories that can do so much more than just the basics. There are now some hot smartphone accessories – gifts that anyone on your list is sure to love!

Best Smartphone Accessories – Gift Guide

Wireless devices mean more than just a call or text. Accessories today can create entertainment hubs in your home or on the go, help keep you organized, or even help keep your home safe. U.S. Cellular is ready to help shoppers find the best wireless accessory gifts for friends and families during the holidays.

Check out these great smartphone accessories – gifts that go beyond the simple case or charger!

Hot Entertainment and Music Accessories for Your Smartphone

The Parrot Mini-Drone Rolling Spider flies smoothly in all directions and is easy to pilot with touch controls through the FreeFlight 3 app on an iPhone 7.

The UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker can withstand water for up to 30 minutes and pumps out a crisp sound with deep bass in every direction.

Anyone, young or old, can plug into their favorite games and tunes with a Despicable Me Minion Bluetooth Speaker or Frozen Cool Tunes Headphones.

Smartphone Accessories - Gifts - Frozen Headphones 

Wearable Accessories to Stay Organized and Track Health

The Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch helps users take charge of their health by tracking daily activity levels. I am absolutely in love with the watch that U.S. Cellular provided me!

Smartphone Accessories - Gifts - Samsung Gear S2

I pair mine with my Samsung Galaxy S7 to automatically keep track of my daily activity levels and heart rate via the S Health app available on Samsung devices.

I can also input my daily water and caffeine intake to help keep track of how I’m doing every day. The app also offers timely motivational messages if you’ve been idle for too long.

In addition to the S Health app, you can use your Gear S2 smartwatch to help keep your daily task list right at your fingertips – or should I say, on your wrist. 🙂 I use Google Keep and set alerts to notify me of when I need to get something done, or if I’ve reached a store that I have a location based reminder set for. The watch, paired with Google Keep, has kept me so organized this shopping season!

Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Technology

I’ve written about the perfect smart devices for your home previously, but these can also make great gifts!

Nest Protect is a next-level alarm system that connects to smartphones and tablets to warn of smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide. You can control it right from your iPhone 7 or any smartphone. 

What better gift than the gift of safety for your family?!

Nest Cam provides home security, while Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and automatically saves energy when you are away. It can also be controlled with any smartphone or tablet. 

Look here –> for other top connected devices that control your home for even more piece of mind. 

Simplify With Tech

Once you have everything checked off your holiday list, check out these great tips on how to simplify with tech to enjoy the holiday season!

Smartphone Accessories - Gifts

More Smartphone Accessories, Gifts, and Great Tips!

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Smartphone Accessories, gifts, and great tips to use those devices are always in hot demand.
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