The past two years I have been working really hard to revamp my flower beds and get them looking really great.  So far so good.  I have one problem though.  I do not like to water my plants; which is probably why I can’t keep any alive inside my house, and pretty much rely on mother nature to help me with the ones outside.  I did find a solution to this problem (for the most part); it is called kids, lol.

Kids love to help, and especially love to help when they get to use the hose and the sprayer!  Whenever we have patches of really dry conditions, and I know my plants need some water I just ask the kids if the want to help and they are all for it!  This works really well for the plants in the back of my house because we have a hose cart hooked up to the faucet and a 100ft hose that can reach all of the plants back there.  The kids have fun, and my plants get watered.  The kids may get a little watered too, but what the heck, why not.  🙂

I also found a solution for the plants in the front of my house on the South side.  I bought a sprinkler hose and snaked it all around my plants…you know the kind that has little holes all throughout so water seeps out into the ground.  Well in my case, the hose I got shoots water out into an arch which will hopefully land on my plants, but at least I don’t have to be out there hauling water around.

The only problem I had left was the front of my house on the North side.  The only way to get water to those plants is to physically fill up a watering can and go over and water each plant individually.  Call me crazy, but that’s a lot of work!  Sure, my kids like it for a minute, but then I’m left doing it, lol.  I prefer a method that is a little easier.  Luckily I found a hose holder from Avant Garden Decor that allows me to store a hose on the side of the house where the water spigot is located.   I can just pull out the hose and use it whenever I need to water, then wind it back up!  Plus it looks good too, unlike those bulky hose carts that don’t really add to the decor.

Here is what we are dealing with (click any photos to view them larger):

Here are the two sides (North/South) that need watering.  These are on either side of the front door shown above:


Here is the awesome copper hose holder I received from Avant Garden Decor.

You can see how nice it looks next to my house, and it fits in beautifully with my plants.  It also blocks the view to the spigot, which is kind of nice because who wants to look at that?  Since it is made of copper, it should age nicely over the years.  It has a lid to keep out water, and drainage holes in the bottom just in case you do get some in there.  There is center column that makes winding up the hose easier.  It says that it holds up to 150 feet of hose, however, I believe mine is only 50 ft so I couldn’t tell you for sure.  My suggestion is to use a good hose though, if you have one that is prone to kinking it will probably not wind up very easily.  I did find this problem with one of my hoses that is a little older.  It kinks very easily and trying to wind it in here was not so easy.  A newer hose or a kink free hose would work great though!

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality hose holder that also adds beauty to your decor, this is probably a good choice.  I love the look of copper, and this holder is very large and able to accommodate a long hose length.  If you’d like to learn more about this cauldron or any of the other hose holders Avant offers, you can visit their website here.


Written by Jesica.


Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own.