What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a sport that originates from Thailand, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Many experts describe Muay Thai as one of the best cardiovascular workouts that can help any person with their weight loss plans. This sport and martial art can also help sculpt the body through interesting exercises which involve kicking, punching and interesting rapid movements. Women are especially satisfied with the results they get from Muay Thai training because this sport makes an ideal combination of resistance and cardio exercises.

muay thai

Benefits of Muay Thai

First and foremost Muay Thai training is a form of complete body exercise. Every part of your body will be activated and every muscle will be forced to participate in these training classes. This is not a sport that will bring you benefit on only certain part of the body. Muay Thai provides chance for women to tone, strengthen and lose weight. Through regular Muay Thai training women can also increase mobility, burn calories (more than 1000 calories in only one training session!), improve balance and improve blood circulation which ultimately means more energy.

By joining a respected Muay Thai camp in Thailand at www.SuwitMuaythai.com, women can also learn how to improve their self defense abilities. After all the main focus on these training sessions is to learn how and when to kick and punch your opponent in order to win. You will learn how to make the perfect moves by practicing shadow boxing and by kicking pads and bags.

Finally, Muay Thai can be used as a tool to relief stress too. Stress is the number one reason for almost all the illnesses and diseases in modern people. Increased stress lowers the amount of endorphins and results in loss of energy and poor immune system. Since Muay Thai training is a really intensive and demanding workout, practitioners will not only activate the muscles but they will also increase the production of certain hormones like endorphins for example. This type of activity will make you relaxed and re-energized.

These are only a small number of benefits that women can expect if they take Muay Thai training classes!



Image credit: Joao Paulo EvilSkaTeR, Flickr