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As a mom, one of my favorite things to do is to simply spend time with my kids having fun. Heck, I recently quit my full-time job so I could be a stay at home mom and be with my kids while they are still young. I don’t want to miss all the little moments as they grow, and I want to be there with them instead of fighting traffic for two hours each day while I drive to and from work. 

Never Gonna Slow Me Down

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After four kids, the only thing that slows me down from all our fun is the worry that light bladder leaks will leave me, or them, embarrassed. I’ve ALWAYS been a very active person but having kids just does stuff to your body. Riding a bike, playing basketball, jumping on the trampoline with my kids — all things I really want to be able to do, but sometimes skip out on because I don’t want to worry about a little leakage. I could wear a bulky pad, but that can be sort of embarrassing as well. Leaking urine during exercise or playtime is just no fun!

In our house, a typical night after school consists of the kids begging me to jump on the trampoline with them while I stand on the outside coming up with reasons excuses as to why I couldn’t jump around. But not anymore! I’ve recently found that if I use the correct size Poise Impressa inserts, I don’t have to worry about bladder leaks because I can stop them before they even start. This means I can jump to my heart’s content!

poise my active life leaking urine during exercise

No more leaking urine during exercise or play!

Another bonus is that I can wear leggings again because I don’t look like I’m wearing a diaper when I have them on. Woohoo!

It’s Not Embarrassing – It’s Freedom!

Some people think of that aisle in Walmart as the embarrassing aisle or the one that is only for ‘old people’. I get it. I mean, who wants to admit they need some help with their body?

But you know what? Just about EVERYONE has some sort of light bladder leakage if they’ve ever given birth naturally. I’m not saying everyone does, but just about everyone does. So visiting that aisle because you have leaking urine during exercise, or while you sneeze, or when you laugh…totally not a big deal.

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Take Back Your Confidence

If you want to feel a bit more confident the next time you are out and about, exercising, or just hanging with the girls, be sure to pick up a Poise Impressa sizing kit the next time you head to Walmart. This kit helps you figure out which of the three available sizes you need to ensure your own peace of mind from light bladder leaks. 

poise impressa bladder supports

Let’s Have Fun

Are you ready to start having fun again? I know I’m not going to let light bladder leaks keep me from having fun with my kids, with friends, on rides, or wherever I may roam!

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Do you experience leaking urine during exercise, coughing, sneezing, etc.?

Check out these FAQs at the Impressa site to see if the Poise bladder supports are for you, or check out the fun video below.
Next, head to Walmart to pick up your starter set today and forget the leaking urine during exercise!


Thanks to Poise and Acorn Influence for sponsoring this post, the story and opinions are my own.