As a homeowner, one of the biggest concerns you have to worry about on a regular basis is your utility bills. Energy costs can add up quickly in your home and end up being more of a drain on your finances than you might realize. Here are the biggest users of energy in your home, so you can manage your usage and save some money.

  1. Heating and cooling: This, without a doubt, is the biggest user of energy in most homes, accounting for roughly half of your normal home energy usage. While the amount of energy used will vary from season to season, on average it ends up being by far the largest use of energy in the average home. Be especially wary of old, drafty windows. If you’re not careful, they can ramp up your energy bills by up to 25%.
  2. Water heater: Following heating and cooling comes an expense many people often forget about when considering their energy usage: their water heater. Because hot water is needed for so many parts of daily life like bathing, cooking, and washing, your water heater usually takes up a significant amount of energy. To reduce this, try washing with cold water or lowering the temperature on your water heater.
  3. Lighting: While individual lights in your home likely don’t use much energy, the overall lighting for your home uses a surprising amount of energy. Be sure to turn out lights when you leave a room to reduce this particular drain on your home’s overall energy.
  4. Appliances: This might not be a leading cause of energy use in your home, but it’s one that’s likely on the rise. As more people upgrade appliances and add extra appliances like televisions and computers, this particular source of energy use continues to rise in most homes.
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However you use energy in your home, there are ways to reduce your electricity use and save on your energy bills. How do you plan to reduce your spending on your home’s electricity?