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If you search online, you can find a bazillion math, spelling, or reading games. Try searching for online science games and you’ll find a few things here and there, but nothing that stands out as something that I could use in the classroom. 

As a teacher, I want games that are curriculum aligned, fun for kids, and educational at the same time. As a technology lover, I really appreciate when I can bring my love of science and my students’ love of all things tech into the same space.

Legends Of Learning is finally my answer!

Legends Of Learning

Legends Of Learning In The Classroom

Teachers, unleash your inner legend with super fun, standards-based science games that support your lessons! With the Legends Of Learning software, you’ll get more than 1000 games across 140+ topics in grades 3-8. 

I tried out the software in my own class this summer during a summer school session and the response was really positive. The kids loved that they got to play games, I loved that I could supplement my lessons with something fun for the kids that kept them engaged and helped to increase comprehension. 

We were playing games that supplemented a unit on the human body and nutrition. The kids needed a little prior knowledge to be able to play the game and answer the questions, but even if they got the answers wrong the Legends Of Learning game is really good about getting them back on track and reinforcing the learning objectives!

How Legends Of Learning Works

The broad categories covered in Legends Of Learning are Earth and Space Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. From there the lessons are broken down into more specific topics. 

The way it works is that you create a “game playlist” that you’d like your students to complete within a certain time-frame. After the students have finished the games you’ve chosen for them (which are the ones that supplement learning goals you are working on), then they get to go into a free play session for a set amount of time that you determine. 

You can also add assessments (knowledge testing questions) to a playlist. 

You can add student profiles and keep track of progress, and even download the data from the game — a feature I really love because it helps me to see where there may be any learning gaps!


I’m really excited to continue using Legends Of Learning to supplement my lessons and help students reach their learning goals.

Teachers and parents, try for free here:
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Have you tried Legends yet? What did you love about it?
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