Thank you to Oriental Trading for helping to make Isabella’s party a success by providing great items for our party! 

oriental party supplies

For my daughter’s recent birthday party she asked for a princess pool party — with ponies. A tall order indeed! I instantly knew that in order to find everything I needed at a reasonable price, all I had to do was head over to Oriental Trading and pick out some great party favors, decorations, and games. Everything I picked out was an instant hit and huge success!

My daughter was so excited once everything arrived that we immediately had to pack up the gift bags for all the kids. Since I’m such a party planner, it was a ton of fun spending time getting ready for the party with my daughter by my side.

Oriental trading party prep

Each guest at the party got a gift bag filled with goodies that included swim goggles, tattoos, a fleece pillow craft, and more!

The day of the party we headed up to grandma’s house (where we had the party) and put up those ponies! Ask for My Little Pony, and you shall receive! These dangling spirals were such an easy way to add a touch of My Little Pony to her otherwise princessed out swimming party.

Oriental trading my little pony

There will be crafts!

Any party we’ve ever thrown for my daughter has always included some kind of fun activity. This year was no exception. The girls LOVED making their own pillows (some with a little help from mom & dad).

oriental trading fleece pillow craft

Everyone was so excited to show off their finished project and take it home with them!

oriental trading finished pillow

After a little crafty fun, we didn’t forget about the games! This ring toss game was a ton of fun, and my kids kept trying to out-do me. I got them all though when I tossed all four rings at once and landed right over the 25 point flag. 🙂

oriental trading ring toss

How to make party planning easy on your mind and budget

Did you know there is a place where you can get everything you could possibly need for your next party — and have it shipped right to your door?!

If you want to make planning your next party as easy as mine was, simply head over to Oriental Trading. They have everything you need, from tableware, to decorations, to games and novelty items. You are sure to make your next party a huge success!

oriental trading novelty toys

So tell us…

What is the next party you are planning?