Everyone finds a beautiful garden appealing, especially during summer when the weather is warm, and everything looks bright. As much as garden work is a bit of tasking, it can feel less of a chore and more of a fun activity if you plan to do it well. Discussed below are ways you can beautify your new home’s garden this summer.

Invest in Low Maintenance Plants

People who do not want to spend a lot of time and money in their garden but want to enjoy the aesthetics that come with it can opt for low maintenance or native plants. They require less watering and attention as they are already prone to do well in your local area. Also, if you are reviving your old garden, native plants will help attract the local wildlife as well. This is a good choice for young homeowners as they are likely to move homes over time. Statistics show that approximately 59% of any homebuyer under 29 expect to move within the next ten years. This means that investing in a garden may not be their top priority, making low-maintenance plants a good choice.

Build a Patio, Deck, or Porch Area

As you will be spending a considerable amount of time outside during summer, spruce up your garden by building an area where you can enjoy some grilling and barbequing as you enjoy the warm weather. A patio or deck is an excellent place for you to enjoy the cool gardens while protecting you from the scorching sun. Incorporate potted plants on the balcony to make it look like a garden extension. Also, these spaces will encourage your children to spend more time outside rather than on their devices.

Plant Some Flowers to Your Fence

Instead of getting a view of your typical wall or wooden fence every time you look out your window, add some color to your fence by planting some flowers on it. Note that you may want to choose specific plants that will complement your fence depending on the type of fence you have. With more people wanting to add curb appeal to their homes, there has been an increase in landscaping projects. In 2020, home improvement spending averaged around $8,305. This was a $745 increase from 2019. Therefore, do not shy away from investing in your landscape to make your home stand out from the fence all the way to your front door.

Merge Your Plants

There is no harm in adding some herbs or vegetables to your flower garden while beautifying it. In fact, it is a great addition as you will have some fresh vegetables to add to those outdoor meals you will be preparing this summer. However, the placement of those herbs and vegetables will influence the final look of your garden. Any taller vegetables you are adding should be planted next to taller shrubs and in the back of the garden. Smaller plants can go to the front of your flower bed as they will not block the view. Some vegetables and herbs that do well include rosemary, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants.

Hire Professional Help

Most families enjoy some time outside, bonding over fun activities during summer, and they would love to do so over a well-maintained garden and lawn. It is estimated that 67% of landscaping projects involve single-family residential homes in the US. This is because one of the ways families bond over summer is by having meals outside or hosting friends. However, not everyone can fully commit to the task of lawn maintenance, hence the need for professional help. Whether you need help trimming a tree, mowing a lawn, or installing a patio, remember you can get help from a professional who will transform your gardens into an attractive space.

Beautifying your garden can range from simply mowing your lawn to installing a patio or a water feature. Whichever way you want to use your garden this summer, beautifying it will ensure that the whole family enjoys more time outside.