When our children are born, we kit out the nursery with the finest things that money can buy. But it doesn’t take long for them to grow out of their baby things. Before you know it, you have a little person who is more independent than we want to admit. So, how do you change their room to reflect the person that they are growing into? Here are some ideas on how to achieve this.

New furniture

You probably spend a fortune on the beautiful pieces that were in their room when they were born, But, unfortunately, growing boys and girls need something a bit bigger than a baby wardrobe to store their clothes. Depending on what you need, you could see about investing in the best bespoke wardrobe from Tylko that they offer. This way, you can customize it to their needs and it will last for years. This is really useful if you need extra storage for their sports and hobbies as it can stop their stuff from spreading all over the house.

Color scheme

Our kids like to think that they are a lot older than they are and they probably want to paint their room a very grownup color palette. As heartbreaking as this can be to strip away the baby blue and pink, it is probably best to let them do it now because they will only want to redecorate again. And, redecorating means changing more things in the room and having to move furniture. As long as it isn’t too far out and extreme, then what is the harm in having a slightly more grown-up room? They might even inspire you to change the colors in the rest of the house to something more modern.


We know this probably falls under the new furniture section but storage can come in many different forms. What they store in their rooms will depend on a few different factors. First, what are their hobbies? If they play musical instruments they will need a special holder or rack for their instrument of choice. If they are into art, they will need a container that can be wiped clean if they spill paint. Customize the storage to their hobbies to make it easier on everyone. This way, everyone knows what goes where, and there is less chance of something being broken.


This is a tricky one because people will have a lot of mixed feelings about what is considered private. Of course, your kids should have privacy, but where do you draw the line? Do you let them have a lock on their door? Or do they have their own bathroom? As your kids grow up, they will crave some more privacy and it can be a tough one to work out. This is something that is best talked about as a family. However, there is a good chance that they are not hiding anything, they are just looking to have some control over the boundaries of their life.