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My five year old daughter is such a huge fashionista. She loves everything about dressing up – from buying a new dress, to prancing around the house showing it off, to making sure she has just the right shoes to go with it. Yes – I’m probably in for a bit of trouble when she gets older, but for now it is so much fun to watch her get so into fashion since that was never anything I was into when I was young.

Designed By Me

The only thing she hadn’t tried her hand at was designing her own clothes – until now! LollyWolly Doodle has this fun and amazingly awesome Designed By Me program that lets anyone (young or young at heart) design their own clothes! You get to pick the cut, fabric, accessories, and more. It is such a fun and neat process, and my daughter was so into it!

We even posted a fun little this or that choice on Instagram. Just about everyone went with the one SHE designed (on the right), even though I think the Halloween one would have been super cute!

LollyWolly Design

Designed, sealed, and delivered

Once she had her dress designed and the order submitted, the fun was in the anticipation of a receiving a dress in the mail that she designed all by herself! When the package finally arrived (about 3 weeks for custom orders), she was so excited to just open it up and see her creation.

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The best part is, she was able to get the exact same design for her baby sister – she loves when they can match!

It’s all in the details

I love all the cute little details she put into it, like the pony sash she added for a little extra flair…..


and the three different fabric selections for the ruffles.


During the design process, Bella decided to leave the sleeves the same fabric as the main part of the dress. I think this was a great choice so that there weren’t too many things going on with this dress. She definitely has an eye for this stuff!


Quality is key

Bella really loves everything about this dress, especially since she was able to create it all herself. After receiving the LollyWolly Doodle dress (our first ever), I can say that I really like the quality that goes into making these. I think it is so awesome that the company was started by a mom sewing out of her home for her kids and selling items on Facebook; and that the same quality and attention to detail is still in place even though over 200 people are now employed.

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(She was having so much fun with dressing up and playing with baby sister that she decided baby’s pacifier was a fun accessory – this was a trend once, right?) 

One Last Scare!

Check out this great competition just in time for Halloween –  but hurry, it ends 10/13!

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Want a great family outfit for those holiday portraits? Looking to have your wardrobe coordinated for family gatherings? Check out the LollyWolly Doodle Mommy and Me collection!

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Thank you to the great team at LollyWolly Doodle for making the girls two fabulous dresses, we loved receiving them for review.