When it comes to feeding your baby, have you ever thought of foods like Thai Curry Vegetables, or how about apples, spinach, & rutabagas? I love to try new foods and eat a variety of things, why shouldn’t my baby girl eat them too?!

Of course I also want to make sure the foods I’m feeding my children are things I would actually eat myself; meaning they must taste good (like real food), and they must be natural, healthy, and organic!

When I don’t have the time to make my own tantalizing treats for my daughter, I turn to Ella’s Kitchen for awesome baby foods that come in convenient ready to eat pouches!

ellas kitchen2.1

I mean, whoever thought of this pouch idea was truly a genius. It makes feeding on the go or at home a breeze! You can squeeze out of the pouch onto a spoon, into a bowl, or just allow baby to eat right out of the pouch as we often do. I did not have this option when my oldest two were babies, but I am totally loving it now!

ellas kitchen3.1

My darling daughter loves everything she has tried from Ella’s Kitchen, and I’ve taste tested everything too so I know it really does taste good. This one is apples, green beans, and raisins — yum!

ellas kitchen1.1

They also have some yummy baby cookies, which are great for little ones learning to eat, and snacks for older babies and kids too. My five year old wanted to try out the Nibbly Fingers, which we both decided to taste test, and found that they are pretty yummy. They are just the right size for a quick snack after school without spoiling dinner.

ellas kitchen nibbly fingers

What are your kids’ favorite snacks? Do they enjoy something quick after school? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear! I love the Ella’s Kitchen products because they use only real ingredients with no additives, fortification or any other added chemicals.

ellas kitchen




Thank you to Ella’s Kitchen for providing us with some yummy foods, taste testing was all our own.