I do most of my shopping online these days, nearly 70% of Americans do regularly according to Mintel. My reasons for shopping online have more to do with saving money than convenience as I will often still choose to pick up my items in the store. Many of you probably feel the same way, and if you do shop online to save money versus going to the store, I’ve got an easy way to help save yourself an extra dollar or two simply by using coupon codes.

online shopping

So why are parents shopping online?

“Parents with children at home are more likely to be weekly online shoppers, driven by the combination of a greater need for supplies for their larger households and limited time for shopping in their busy schedules. In addition to the convenience of online reordering and potential cost savings on items, online shopping can free parents from challenging trips to the store with children who are likely to lobby for unnecessary purchases.” (Mintel)

How to find the best coupon codes for shopping online

You need to buy some clothes at Kohl’s or JCPenney or Loft or wherever you decide, but you hate paying full price for anything (who doesn’t?). Do you sit around and wonder how to get a good deal, or even wait for the store to email you an offer (if you are on their list)? Of course not, you need to get what you want today not a week from today. Here is what I do…..

In order to get the best available deal, I go to groupon.com then click on the coupons tab and search by store. From there you can find promo codes, coupons, and even Groupon Exclusive codes. I always make sure to head to Groupon first to ensure I have the all the coupon codes I need (you can stack codes at Kohl’s), then I fill my cart and save! 

kohls groupon coupon codes


Have you ever tried Groupon for coupon codes?
Head over today and give it a shot, you may find an amazing deal or two — you can even sign up for email alerts to let you know when your favorite store has a smokin’ deal!




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