Parenting teenagers is a challenging prospect, especially when acne strikes and won’t go away. This problem can cause emotional trauma for many teens and even physical issues, such as long-term scars that linger well into adulthood. Therefore, it is crucial to help your teen overcome this issue and provide them with the support that they need to deal with acne.

Talk About It

It is essential to let your teen know that they aren’t alone in frustrating acne problems. Let them know that around 1.5 billion people between the ages of 15 and 45 develop acne every year.

This fact may not provide immediate relief for some teens but should give them a little perspective on the issue. Just as importantly, let them vent their problems and concerns about this issue. Listen to what they have to say, and approach the subject fairly and honestly. A big part of parenting teenagers is being understanding and fair with their issues.

Help Your Teen Schedule an Appointment With a Dermatologist to Discuss Treatment Options

When your teen’s acne starts getting worse and topical treatments don’t seem to do much for them, you may want to visit a dermatologist. These professionals can talk to your teen about this problem and create a treatment plan that helps to cut back on the severity of their acne spread with ease.

If you have medical insurance that covers your teen, reach out to your agent to learn more about whether your policy covers their treatment or not. In most cases, you’re likely to find that many types of insurance policies cover serious medical treatments for long-term acne.

Encourage Your Teen to Establish a Healthy Exercise Routine

Here’s an interesting fact: regular exercise seems to help acne. A study comparing this benefit found that those in their 20s and 30s who did not exercise had worse skin than 40-year-olds who did exercise.

Therefore, you should do what you can to get your teen exercising in a fun and healthy way. The exercise doesn’t have to be intensive to provide tangible benefits. Even a half-hour walk each day will get your teen’s blood flowing and help fight off many acne troubles. Ensure that you go with them or get them paired up with a buddy to keep them exercising every day. Doing so can also help everyone stay in shape!

Help Your Teen Reduce Stress

Stress is a common trigger for many acne breakouts, so try helping your teen fight this problem by:

  • Teaching them techniques to combat stress, such as meditation and deep-breathing exercises
  • Taking some financial difficulties off of their back
  • Scheduling a trip to a mental health counselor

These steps should help to make your teen more capable of handling the emotional difficulties of stress and may cut back on stress-related acne.

Stop Making Comparisons

Parents want the best for their children and may find themselves comparing their children to others. Teens themselves will compare their bodies to that of celebrities and models they see on social media and the internet. For example, many female models are at least 5’9″ in height with a 33-inch bust, a 23-inch waist, and 33-inch hips. However, your teen may not have a similar body type. So, comparisons need not be made in your household.

Doing so only upsets a child by making them feel inadequate. And the same is true of acne. Teens feel enough pressure to conform, so they need their parents to be supportive of them at all times.

Parenting teenagers through acne problems requires you to be fair and understanding. You must take your teen’s emotions into account and do what you can to minimize any emotional troubles that may impact them. You also need to provide them with a robust support system by being open and listening to what they have to say without any judgments. Being a teen with acne is hard enough, so provide the support they need at home.