Wouldn’t it be awesome to make your own wall decals so you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get all those cute sayings they sell at retail stores?

Items needed

Now you can!  Heather has kindly shared her steps for making wall decals at home!  To get started you will need a few things. Scissors, Paper, Pencils, Permanent Markers, and Contact paper. Either clear or white seem to work best. All can be found at local stores for very low prices.



Second you will need to find something you want to make into a wall decal. I am using an old picture I made of Tinkerbell for a friend. Cut out the contact paper to the size of the drawing adding just a little bit on the edges.


Next trace your drawing onto the contact paper with a pencil just going over the outline.


the traced image (click to view larger)

Close up of traced image

Next take the color of the drawing and outline the areas in that color.  Mine is all in black so I will outline in black.  Be patient while doing this.


Now color in all the areas you wish to color. Different markers have different thickness. If you are coloring a larger area use a bigger marker. However, on that note sometimes the markers you will use will have different shades or different darkness and lightness to them, so be conscious of this when doing so.

After you have completed coloring it all in, trim the edges to the desired size.

Allow 12 hours to dry before peeling the back off and sticking. I use a debit card or my book club card to smooth it on the the wall so there are no bubbles or wrinkling. If the paper does stick together, do not just wad up and throw it away, it un-sticks very easily and you can still use it. 🙂


Craft project by Heather S.