As someone who has worked from home part-time for the past six years, and full-time for almost two years, I have a few lessons learned and tips to share. How To Make Working From Home Work for you can be easy with the right job, and the right tools to help you succeed at that job. 

How To Make Working From Home Work

how to make working from home work

Top Work From Home Jobs Available

Large Companies

According to Forbes, these companies are the top places to work remotely.

See the full list of the top 100 companies offering remote jobs here.

Direct Sales Opportunities

Not interested in set hours or in having a boss?

With a little social media savvy and a dash of marketing know-how, you can run a direct sales business from the comfort of your couch! Find one that’s right for you and rock it out!

Tools To Help You Succeed

Did you know there are 3.7 million employees who work from home at least half the time, according to

Now that you know where to find relevant jobs for you, make sure you work as efficiently as if you were going to the office each day once you do land that dream remote job. 

Tools To Streamline The Work Day

There are a multitude of apps on how to make working from home work. Many can make life easier for those who work from home, the office, or the road.

While many of us already check our email on a daily basis, we can also utilize our smartphones to enhance and simplify our day with these useful apps.

  • CamCardFree (Pro Version HereiPhone Version Here) reads 17 different languages to scan and store business cards and exchange e-cards when you run out of the paper version. If you are constantly meeting new people, marketing your business, or attending conferences, etc., this is an amazing tool!
    • CamCard also adds notes and reminders to contacts in an effort to assist salespeople, entrepreneurs, business developers, or marketing experts. 
  • CamScanner (iPhone Version Here) provides the ability to access, edit, and manage documents anytime and anywhere.
    • Using the device’s camera, you can scan in text and graphic documents in seconds, then edit, enhance, or save them in multiple formats. You can add notes to these documents and easily share via email. Talk about a time saver – especially if you don’t own your own scanner! 
  • Transform an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android device into a wireless trackpad, remote, or keyboard with Mobile Mouse Remote.
    • Mobile Mouse even allows business professionals to control a computer with the motion of their hands.
  • TeamViewer is a free app that provides easy, fast, and secure remote access to Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems so you can support, assist, interact, and collaborate with people.
    • Used on more than 200 million computers worldwide, users gain access to an office desktop with all the documents and remote computers, such as servers. 

Tips for Finding A Work From Home Job

  • Do your research. You wouldn’t head into an interview for a ‘regular’ job without being prepared, be just as prepared as you begin looking for companies to work remotely, and especially once you land an interview.
    • Be sure to also check out the business with the Better Business Bureau and conduct a web search to ensure you are signing on with a reputable company. 
  • Think long and hard before shelling out any money. I’d stay away from any places that ask you to pay money to see available job listings. Any legitimate businesses will offer open job listings at no charge, rather than asking you to send money to Argentina or somewhere for the privilege of seeing the listings.
    • Also, be careful about any equipment you are being asked to purchase. Is there a reimbursement policy? Is there a return policy if the gig doesn’t work out? Who are you buying from? All questions you should ask before shelling out any money for new equipment.
    • Direct sales companies do require a starter kit so you can sample and/or show the product to others, you should still do due diligence and research the company before purchasing.
  • Avoid listings that guarantee you wealth, financial success, or a way to help you get rich quick. There is really no way to ‘get rich quick’, and anything that promises high income for part-time hours should be sending up red flags. 

What are your tips for how to make working from home work? Let us know!

Thanks to U.S. Cellular for providing these great tips and a reliable network for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, allowing me to use great apps while working at home!