A birthday is a special event, especially for children. With the events that took place last year, there’s a good chance that you were not able to give your child the birthday event they deserve. You have the chance to make it up for them this time, though, so read on to see five ways you can give your child an extra special birthday this year.

Plan a Birthday Party

To give your child something that they will be able to enjoy with their friends, plan a party for their birthday. It’s recommended to have a supply of 200 napkins for a party for every 15 guests so that anyone who needs one will get it. Talk to other parents and find out if they would be willing to have their children attend the party so that you don’t make extensive plans just to end up with a small crowd. Knowing beforehand who can attend and who can’t will save you a lot of resources.

Create a Birthday Time Capsule

A birthday time capsule is easy enough to make, as you simply need an empty jar that your child can fill with memories of favorite things from the past year. Help them fill it up and then dig a hole and put it in your backyard so that your child can have an awesome time opening it up and going through it some years from now. If there are not many toys that your child wants to put away, you could maximize on printable mementos that won’t take up a lot of space but will still hold a hefty dose of memories.

Arrange a Day of Their Favorite Activities

Children enjoy doing some things more than others, so spare a day filled with your child’s favorites. They will have a blast from morning to night, and to throw in some extra fun, you could make this a ‘yes’ day, and come up with a few rules to govern the scenario. Things like visiting a local swimming pool or going to a toy store are some suggestions. Fishing is another activity you could try, as it’s one of the most popular recreational activities in America. Since it’s winter, ice fishing will work just as well!

Cook Their Favorite Meal

If your child enjoys a specific meal more than any others, prepare it for them on their birthday. Start the day off with a breakfast serving of their favorite juice or cereal and build up for the grand finale by preparing something they also enjoy for lunch. Spare their absolute favorite meal for the very end, by which time they will have enjoyed the progression of delicious servings you’re giving them. If they want, you can let them help you make it, as long as they’re old enough to safely do whatever they need to do.

Shop for a Unique Gift

Finally, shop for a unique gift for your child which you’re sure that they will enjoy. Do this well in advance so you avoid a last-minute rush that will make it hard to find something really special. You will also be able to escape the crowds on the roads and in the malls when you go to get a gift early, and you will have a good chance of catching a bargain as well. Annually, holiday sales make up about 30% of a company’s sales, so don’t wait until a busy season to shop for something truly special.

As we adjust to the new normal way of life, it’s important to carry on traditions like celebrating your child’s birthday in a way that they will always remember. Consider these five tips as you plan for your little one’s special day this year!