Going on a camping trip in fall is one of the best things you can do for your family. Great temperatures for activities like hiking and a mosquito-free atmosphere mean you can do a lot more and enjoy your time to the fullest. Have a look at five helpful tips that will help you plan the best camping trip for your children this fall.

Find a Kid-Friendly Campground

While there are many campgrounds to choose from, make sure that you go for one that’s kid-friendly and will work out for the youngest of your children. This will enable everyone to have a great, relaxed time out on the campground. If you’re curious about the experience that an RV offers, know that you will have more than 16,000 campgrounds to access, both public and privately owned, to roam in for a few days to weeks at a time if you choose. RVs are great for bigger families, as they make travel more fun and allow everyone to obtain a great night’s sleep during a camping adventure.

Plan your Food and Water

The fun won’t be complete when you have to ration supplies, so make sure that you have enough food and water for everyone when you leave home. Children may want to snack often, and with snacking will follow the need for water, so keep this in mind. You will be much better off having excess supplies, which you can carry back home if you don’t finish rather than running out in the middle of your camping trip. Get bags in which you can organize the food and drinks you need, dividing up rations for daily use if possible for fast and easy access.

Obtain an RV or Camper Inspection

If you have an RV or you are renting one to use, obtain an inspection for it to make sure you’re not in for a nasty surprise in the middle of your trip. Fix anything that’s in need of fixing or replacement, and make sure you have emergency equipment, like flares, reflectors, emergency kits, jumper cables, and flashlights. Make sure that the inside of your RV is safe and clean and has no mold, which can begin to grow in just 24 to 48 hours if the right conditions are present.

Get the Right Clothing

Make sure you have all the right gear and clothing, given that temperatures will get a bit cold, especially at night. Lots of layers, gloves, and hats will help you all stay warm and dry, easily changing out of damp clothes when necessary. Also, remember to carry extra blankets and sleeping bags, and get each kid to carry their own small backpack for better ability to transport things. Whenever you have a bunch of wet clothes, keep them outside the tents to avoid excessive condensation from forming inside the tents.

Plan a Bunch of Fun Activities

Before you leave for the campsite, come up with fun activities for the whole family. Involve the children in this process to ensure they feel included and are not just going along with things they may not even want to do. Planning in advance will make sure that you carry everything you need for the activities you want to do. One of these activities could be boating, with more than 87 million adults in the U.S. participating in it recreationally. As long as the children are in the right age limit, pack what you need to prepare for a great time in the water, including life jackets, tubes, water bottles, snacks, and bathing suits.

Camping in the fall will offer you a lovely time for many reasons, chief of these being the fact that most campsites won’t be crowded. You can make great memories if you plan well in advance, so don’t let the cold keep you indoors this fall!