Everyone loves to go on vacation. Almost 100 million people in the US take at least one vacation each year. It’s a great way to unwind and break from the usual routine. But, there’s nothing more joyous and heartwarming than taking a much-need mother-daughter vacation. It’s the perfect opportunity for mothers and daughters to bond and spend quality time. 

But, like any other trip, it can quickly turn stressful without proper planning and travel arrangements. There are many things that can ruin the joy that comes with this amazing bonding time. Think about it! Just you and your daughter relaxing at the spa, away from home and the boys. Idyllic! Here are some vital tips to rely on when planning your mother-daughter trip.

Plan ahead

When traveling alone, it’s easy to pick up your bags on a whim and visit a new location. However, when it involves other people, you might have to be more deliberate and plan ahead of time. There are things you need to consider, such as work schedules, school breaks, and other important events happening. 

It’s never too early to start planning for your mother-daughter trip. If you plan on going in the summer, when everyone has some free time, it doesn’t hurt to start now. Your plans should include potential travel dates, destination suggestions, and a budget. Even if you don’t need it now, it will come in handy as the time approaches, saving you loads of preparation time. Ideally, you should plan this trip with your daughter. This makes going on a trip seem more exciting, and it gives you and your daughter something fun to look forward to. Plus, it would be an excellent way of knowing what you both like and dislike concerning travel.

Your destination matters

The destination you select is what can make or break a mother-daughter trip. Is there one location that both of you have always dreamed of visiting? Or is it a place from a movie that your daughter has fantasized about visiting one day? Maybe it’s a trip back to your home country. Whatever reason you might have, your destination should matter. 

It would be best to consider your personality and interests when selecting a destination. If you or your adult daughter don’t like to drink alcohol, a trip to Napa, for example, might not be the best option. Your destination choice must be special to both of you and, at the very least, have something to offer both of you. Nobody wants to feel like they are being dragged along on a trip. 

Ensure that you research your destination and familiarize yourself with any regulations or cultural practices, especially if you are traveling internationally. It’s always better to know what to expect and prepare for it. 

Have a budget for your trip

Everyone knows there’s a power dynamic in the usual mother-daughter relationship. As a mom, you might be tempted to pay for everything. You might pay for everything if your daughter is a child or a teen. However, if you have a much older one, she might also want to contribute her share while you can still pay for the trip. 

Paying for the trip as the mother is fine if it’s your idea and you want to treat your daughter. But it might cause a little friction, especially when deciding where you will stay and what activities you will do. The trip could end up being all about you and your interests. 

If you are traveling with a much older daughter, why not consider using a more equitable approach to your budget? You can choose to pay for the tickets and have your daughter be in charge of your accommodation. Whatever works best for both of you. You can equally contribute to a shared savings account months before your trip. These funds can cover activities, meals, and other trips while on vacation. 

Pack all essentials

One of the major things that can ruin a trip is getting to your destination and realizing that you didn’t pack well or pack all the essential items you need to make the vacation more comfortable. It’s especially worse when you travel outside of the country and might not have access to certain products back home.

That doesn’t mean you have to pack all your belongings without leaving any space for you to bring back gifts and souvenirs. When it’s time to pack for your trip, ask yourself what you need? Your essentials should mostly include clothes suitable for your destination’s weather, medicines and supplements, any important documents you might need, and a few beauty items. 

Items like soaps are fairly easy to get at your destination unless you have a special kind of soap or sensitive skin. Most travelers also recommend packing your shampoo, as hotel shampoos are notoriously bad. For example, if you or your daughter have curly hair, it would be best to pack your curly hair shampoos so you don’t return with damaged hair. 

Learn to tolerate each other

There will be days when you both might step on each other’s toes, especially when you are stressed out. Traveling is fun, but it can get overwhelming. No matter how stressful it gets, ensure that you both do not take it out on each other. It can easily ruin the beauty and fun of your special bonding time. In such an instance, compromise is key!

Ensure that while you are on your trip, you set time apart to spend by yourselves. There might be instances where your daughter or you might want to do something that interests you. It’s the perfect time for you to also spend time by yourself. You don’t have to go your separate ways occasionally if you don’t want to, but it’s a good way to keep things more interesting. Plus, you will find yourselves itching to get back to each other with amazing stories and discoveries to share. When you spend time recharging your social battery, it makes you a much better travel partner. 

Plan a flexible and realistic itinerary

When planning your itinerary, you must keep it well-balanced, so you do not burn out and tire of each other quickly. Just because you are both adventurous doesn’t mean you should fill your days with adrenaline-pumping activities. It should be evenly spaced out with other relaxing and calm activities to help you stay relaxed and re-energize, 

Ensure that your itinerary allows for relaxation and free time to check out other places or activities you were not aware of. Running on a strict schedule or timeline sucks the fun out of the experience and makes the entire vacation stressful. Leave room for spontaneity. 

Take loads of pictures

When done right, a mother-daughter trip can create a lasting impression for the rest of your life. It’s very easy to forget capturing special moments while having fun, so ensure that you always have your phone or camera ready to capture a special moment you can look back on. 

You can have some of the pictures printed out or even create a photo album when you get back home. You can even have a special picture frame for your daughter on a special occasion like her birthday. 

Mother-daughter trips can create beautiful memories for both of you. With these tips, you will be guaranteed a wonderful time bonding with your daughter. Check out some of these amazing destinations to consider if you plan such a trip this year.