Seven Simple Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter

It’s that time of year! You’ve hauled the snow boots, hats, gloves, and mittens out of the closet. You have your winter jacket washed and ready for a new season of snow. You are prepped and ready for the cold, but did you know your car needs extra preparation to make it through the winter as well?

This winter, make sure your car is prepared by taking a few simple steps to ensure safe winter driving. To gear up for cold, wet, winter driving conditions follow these simple tips.

  1. Take your car to a mechanic to make sure the following are in optimal working condition: battery, antifreeze level, thermostat, heater, brakes, and defroster.
  2. Check to make sure your tires have adequate tread. If the treads are worn, replace them. Better yet, exchange them for a set of snow tires which have treads that provide better traction and are equipped to handle extreme winter driving conditions.
  3. Do a quick visual inspection of your vehicle’s lights. Be sure the front and rear lights are operational, especially the car’s flashing hazard lights.
  4. Exchange the windshield washer fluid with one made especially to spray in freezing conditions.
  5. Purchase winter wiper blades that are designed to cut through snow and ice instead of using regular ones.
  6. Check the spray nozzles of your windshield-washer system. Sometimes, they get blocked by wax or debris. Use a needle or pin to clear blocked nozzles.
  7. During winter, keep the gas tank near full to help avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.

winter car

When you take the time to plan ahead, you can make winterizing your vehicle an easy, annual ritual that will keep you and your family safe.

If you want to go a step further, see how to make a winter emergency kit for your car: Winter Auto Emergency Kit

See when it is safe to wash your car in winter here.

Are there any other steps you take when preparing your vehicle for winter weather? 




Thanks to Kayser Chrysler Center of Watertown for tips to ensure you are ready for winter driving!

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