Acorn Disclosure#FullHomeHappyHome

My family has grown tremendously over the past few years. We just welcomed our fourth child to the world in October, and prior to two years ago when my daughter was born I never thought we’d have more than two kids. Of course things seldom go just how you plan, and that isn’t always a bad thing!

family pic

When we had our first son eight+ years ago I was ecstatic to be a mother, and the joy and happiness of meeting your child for the first time can never be matched (no matter how many kids you have, the first time you meet each child is such a wonderful experience).

How do you make room in your heart for more than one child?

After my son was born I was quite content just being his mother and his alone. I mean how could you possibly have room in your heart for another child?

A lot of moms probably go through this same thought process, but as soon as you have that second child you realize, as many moms have before you, that there is always room in your heart for another child — no matter how many that may be. Love multiplies, it doesn’t divide.

More mouths to feed!

So as I said, we just welcomed our fourth child to our family and I’ve come to realize that with a lot of bodies to clothe and mouths to feed, we need to shop a bit differently.

When we had only two children (about 2 years ago) we would go through a lot less laundry soap, and shampoo, and paper towels, etc. When we made meals we also had leftovers that I would use for my lunch the next day.

Full home, happy home.

Now that we are a family of six quite a bit has changed — and the baby isn’t even eating real food yet! The thing I have to get used to the most is that we rarely have leftovers anymore. This means more meals to plan and prepare every day.

We also have more laundry. A LOT more laundry.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is how we shop. I used to shop at Sam’s Club so I could keep stocked up on my everyday essentials and always have a few month’s supply. I still shop at Sam’s Club, but now I shop there to meet the needs of a larger family. Shopping at Sam’s Club helps me maximize my budget so that we can get more of what we need for less by buying in bulk. It is where I’ve found the best value. A full home, is a happy home!

According to Sam’s Club, members who take advantage of purchasing participating holiday essentials will save about $97! Shopping at Sam’s Club this holiday season will allow you to maximize your dollar without compromising quality or convenience and will free up more of your money for gift buying and memory making.

Because of the savings by buying everyday essentials at Sam’s Club, I was able to buy my son an awesome Christmas present with that $97 I saved. I know I won’t need to spend any additional money on laundry soap and Swiffer dusters for quite some time, so I got this awesome EA Sports 2 Player Basketball Game. I don’t have it set up yet since it will be a Christmas present, but I cannot wait to give it to him!

ea sports basketball game

The simple things.

I’m probably not the only one, but I love when things save me time and money. Shopping online is usually my go-to lately, so I love that I can shop online at Sam’s Club and use the club pickup feature to simply grab my items and go. This is truly a lifesaver for a busy on-the-go family like mine.

Club Pickup

You can use the Sam’s Club app and have your items ready and waiting for you when you get there, or you can head inside and check in at the Club Pickup kiosk. In either case you don’t have to spend time shopping in-store if you are really busy — just shop online and your selections will be ready when you are.

club pickup kiosk

If you could save $97 on Everyday Essentials at Sam’s Club what would you buy for yourself?!