Labor Day is just a few days away. This unofficial last day of summer will encourage countless people to close their pools, buy new fall decorations, and invest in a new cool-weather outfit. One of the most important parts of September is undoubtedly getting your home ready for fall.

Whether you’re trying to spruce it up with the right decor or invest in some practical options to prepare for the cold, here are some of the best ways to get your home ready for the new season.

Inspect your home thoroughly

Most home contractors recommend inspecting your home twice per year. This includes:

  • Checking on your HVAC system and cleaning it regularly
  • Inspecting your roof around twice each year
  • Examining your hot water tanks and other important appliances
  • Looking for signs of pest infestations and access points around your home

If you happen to notice that anything is in need of urgent repair, getting these projects out of the way is key. After all, big issues with your house should be dealt with sooner than later. Save the smaller projects when you’re certain that your house’s integrity is maintained.

Invest in your kitchen

The old adage goes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why this location is the best place to start. Here, you’ll be making delicious pumpkin pies, delectable cinnamon bread, and countless apple-themed desserts. If your kitchen isn’t prepared to take on the new load, then you’ll quickly find yourself falling behind.

Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in new cabinets and countertops, especially if you’ve been putting these repairs off. After all, the holidays demand an easily navigable kitchen. Spruce it up with ample dish towels, shelf organizers, and more to make it more manageable. People spent almost $400 billion on home repairs back in 2018 alone and a large chunk of this expdeniture went straight to the kitchen.

This might seem a little pricey, but there are affordable ways to make it work. Buying used, for example, can offer a fun vintage feel without breaking the bank. You can also use extra funds from filing your tax return since the deadline was extended this year and you’re likely only getting the money now. Be smart with your spending to make your dollar last longer.

Don’t shirk decorations

The COVID-19 pandemic might make it seem like it was just March yesterday; how is it already September? Since most of us are experiencing issues with timing, decorating is one of the best ways to make us feel more present and “in-the-moment.”

Beautiful fall decorations, like pumpkins, scented candles, and red tablecloths serve to remind us that we’re entering a new season. If you’ve had your eye on a cute new doormat featuring fall leaves, why not shell out for something you like? As long as you don’t break the bank, there’s no harm in indulging yourself with things that make you feel happy.

Seek out warm colors when you’re thinking about decorating your home. Investing in simple red or orange chair covers can make a statement without requiring a lot of effort. Check out Labor Day deals online to find the best options. Just be sure you’re using a fast and secure internet connection. Even though the fiber optic cable has grown considerably in the last five years, there might still be people trying to steal your information online. Only use trusted wi-fi sources, especially if you’re on-the-go.

With these tips you should have no problem sprucing up your home in time for the colder weather to come. Good luck!