Did you know there is a National Selfie Day? That’s right, on June 21st we can all celebrate our love of selfies with a great picture and the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay on social media. If you aren’t sure how to take a great selfie, never fear. I’ve got four easy tips to improve your selfie game in no time!

==> Before you get your picture perfect pout ready to go, be sure to have a front-facing camera. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 even has a “selfie camera” with Auto Focus to track faces and make sure everyone in the photo is clear and in focus. 

How To Take A Great Selfie – Four Easy Tips

1) The first step in getting a great shot is good lighting. Avoid fluorescent light and opt for natural, indirect light outside or near a window. Be sure the light is coming from behind.

The best lighting is the golden hour before sunset. That natural glow can’t be beaten!

2) Work the angles. You can experiment with different camera angles by tilting the device slightly off center and sideways to find the “good side” of your face. While it may seem unnatural at first, selfie professionals recommend leaning your head to one side or, alternatively, angling the camera. A selfie taken at an angle is almost always more flattering than one taken straight-on.

Renowned selfie-taker, Amanda from guide4moms, says “you want a high angle, lifting camera above your forehead. Don’t take the picture right away, hold camera there and turn to different angles and sides until you find your best side. Take multiple photos and then filter away!”

How To Take A Great Selfie

3) Spotlight activities. With U.S. Cellular’s high-quality network, capturing and sharing selfies from a hike, vacation, concert, trendy new restaurant, or with best friends is easy and quick.

Don’t forget to crop that photo before posting. Remember that for a perfect “photo finish,” pay attention to what’s happening behind you to avoid any awkward backgrounds.

4) Use filters to show off your best self. There are a ton of apps that come pre-loaded with filters. Snapchat and Instagram both have amazing filters that you can have lots of fun with. Even Facebook has begun to add in filters for loads of selfie fun. Find one you like and stick with it to keep your selfies consistent on social media. 

If you don’t like the pre-loaded filters on popular social media sites, you can use alternate apps to improve your selfie game by enhancing the contrast, smoothing skin, and embellishing with cool edits and designs. One such app is Perfect 365 (iPhone) (Android), a virtual makeup app, allows users to improve their complexion, hide imperfections, add blush, mascara and other cosmetics virtually. 

The key for how to take a great selfie really is just to experiment with different angles and options to see what works best for you!

How to take a great selfie