Want to know how easy it is to save money with the Shop Your Way Rewards program? Here is a simple example of how awesome this rewards program is. I was recently sent an email that contained an offer for 30,000 bonus points (translates to $30 to spend). All I had to do was spend $30 and I got $30. Simple. I ran to Kmart and picked up a few things I needed for gifts and I was all set.

But that is not the best part.

Since I already had reward points from a previous offer, I was able to utilize $11.42 in reward cash to save me additional money.

I ended up paying $25 out of pocket for $$66.42 worth of shopping!

Kmart Coupon Savings

Want to get this same offer?

First —> Join the Shop Your Way Rewards program. Don’t worry, it’s free and up to you how active you want to be (personally, I check my account before I go shopping to load up on extra coupons that are just for members).  Join here: —JOIN—   (If you are already a member skip to step 2)

Second —> Choose me as your very own personal shopper. There is never any fee and I can send you bonus coupons just for being my client! Click here:  —Free Shopper—

Third —> Check your email within the next few days to see if you get sent any bonus offers. I cannot guarantee you will get sent the exact same offer I received, but Kmart/Sears is very good about randomly loading free points (equals free shopping) into your account so be sure to check it often!

Fourth —> Watch your points grow as you shop, don’t forget to load coupons to your account before you head out or let me know what you are shopping for and I can send you an extra coupon or two!


Got any questions? Let me know, I’m here to help!

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