How would you describe the most comfortable bra ever?

I was thinking about this question as I was asked to try out the Coobie bra and see if their claim as “The Most Comfortable Bra Ever” really holds true.

So what makes a comfortable bra for me? 

I’d have to say:

  1. No wires
  2. No tiny straps to dig into my shoulders
  3. Soft, stretchy yet supportive material (I’m not real small in the breast department so I need support!)
  4. Seamless
  5. No hooks, clasps, or other useless nonsense
  6. Simple, yet elegant design (this doesn’t contribute to the comfort level but sure doesn’t hurt) 🙂

Does the Coobie bra live up the the hype?

For my review I tried out both the Scoopneck and the V-neck.


Overall I’d say that yes, they are very comfortable bras. Both bras meet five out of six of my criteria, however, it is that one thing that is missing that may not give them complete reign over the “most comfortable” title — the tiny straps that come on the Coobie just aren’t cutting it for me.

If I have straps on a bra I prefer that they are nice and wide so they don’t dig into my shoulders, or that they are made of the same soft material as the bra itself. The Coobie straps on the scoopneck and v-neck are neither or those things.

Straps aside, the one-size-fits-all bra really is comfortable and I do find myself wearing it quite often.

Note: I do see they have a Comfort bra available with larger straps that are fixed, however, I wasn’t given that one as a review item — but I do think it would meet all six of my criteria and boost the Coobie into most comfortable status.


So tell us….

What makes a comfortable bra for you?


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One thought on “How would you describe the most comfortable bra ever?

  • July 11, 2014 at 11:35 am
    This Coobie Bra looks so comfortable. A comfortable bra has to not feel tight around the back, and the cup size can not be too small. I hate uncomfortable bras and need to try this bra to see how it feels. Reply

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