Your teenager buying their first car is one of the most major milestones that every parent will remember. While you will be proud of your child when they are looking to purchase their first car, these feelings will probably be mixed with feelings of concern or apprehension. Learning how you can support your child will help you to make sure this process is as easy and safe as possible.

Work Out the Finances

The first step to helping your teenager buy their first car is to sort out the finances. As this is your child’s first car, they are probably going to be unaware of some of the costs involved with owning a car. You should explain both the upfront and ongoing costs of owning a car. So, create a budget based on factors such as fuel efficiency and insurance prices for different vehicles.

It is common for parents to put some money towards their child’s first car. If you are looking to help your child financially, then you will also need to consider your own financing options, both for the initial purchase as well as ongoing maintenance. While you may work with a dealership to purchase the car, it is not unusual for people to apply for personal loans to manage any large repairs that might arise. Personal loans allow you to borrow a set amount of money at an interest rate that is typically fixed, and pay it off with monthly installments over a fixed payment period.

Choose the Right Size

When you are trying to work out what size of vehicle your teenager should choose you will need to consider what they will be using the car for. For example, if your teenager is usually going to be driving alone, in a city, then they won’t need a particularly big vehicle, whereas if they are going to be driving themselves and their siblings to school every day, they will need a larger car.

Remember that the bigger a car is the more expensive it is to run and the more difficult it is to park. Your teenager’s car needs to be both practical and efficient, so think carefully about their individual needs.

Consider the Engine Size

If your teenager is going to be using their car for short journeys then they won’t need a particularly large engine, but if they are regularly driving at higher speeds for longer journeys their engine will need to be bigger. Remember that larger engine sizes can increase insurance costs and reduce fuel efficiency.

Research Safety

Not only will your teenager’s first car need to be a good value for money and right for their lifestyle, but it also needs to be safe. Before you decide on the model of the car you should look into the safety rating to make sure it is suitable.

It is very common for a teenager’s first car to be a second-hand vehicle. Before you purchase a used car for your teenager you should look into its history. Do some research to make sure it has not been involved in any serious accidents or safety recalls.