I recently came across a problem with my 6 year old lying. I did not know how to confront him. Then I got a chance to read this book. There was an audio version online, and I thought that was perfect. The day after I had listened this to this book, I noticed little things coming up missing. Mostly money from our vacation jar. It kept getting shorter and shorter down the jar. I asked my children, did you take the money? All three said no and I let it go.

As I was getting the pajamas for my two boys out of their room while they were in the tub, I found a small container with all this change. It was in my 6 year old’s drawer. I started talking about how I wanted to read this new book, and since he loves books he asked if I could read it to him. I told him it was on the computer and he could watch it with me.  The animated book told about how this monkey was on your back and it weighed you down with the pressure of the lies. How telling the truth will set you free and you can feel good about yourself. How you can not just tell one lie, you end up telling a ton of lies and eventually they pile up.

After listening to the book, my son looked at me and told me he needed a time out. I simply asked him why. He said because he did lie. He took the money from the jar and hid it. I asked why he did it, and asked why he lied to me. He was so worried about me being mad at him for taking it, that he was scared to tell me. I told him I could never be really mad at him. That if he tells the truth, the punishment would not be so bad. I told him I knew he took the money, but I wanted him to tell me.

I strongly recommend this book. If the other books in this series can help families with problems they may be experiencing at home, they are worth checking out. I am not saying that all outcomes will work like mine, but giving them a chance will not hurt.  This book is oriented toward kids, and it does not use big words and it is not another fairy tale. It’s a book that teaches them a lesson.

The book will show them that lying may be easy and that you can lie about the most ridiculous things, but in the end all the lies over power you like they are weighing you down. I like how they used the term of the monkey on the back. It gives kids a better understanding based on things they are familiar with. It tells about how the more you lie the monkey gets bigger and it gets heavier until eventually the monkey is so heavy you can not bear the weight. It is a perfect book to teach younger kids about lying. I strongly recommend it. I have been dealing with my son lying to us for about a month now. So far, when I ask him questions, he doesn’t lie. I am certain he knows I already know the answer before I ask.

If you have any other suggestions on how you deal with lying, please share your suggestions or experiences with us in the comments!  We would love to hear from you!

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