Last night I attended one of those home parties where the hostess gets credit for stuff you buy and the consultant comes in and shows you all the overpriced products which you feel guilted into buying because it is your friend who is having the party and you would feel bad for not buying anything at her party.
Well anyway, there was another mom there whom I found out has eight, I repeat, eight kids!  And, she home schools them all!  I am still getting over the eight kids part, I mean, I have two and I go nuts half the time, how the hell can you do eight???!  Sooooo…  how can you possibly home school them, keep your sanity, get stuff done around the house, and make sure no one wants to kill each other at the end of the day?  Ok, I say this being a teacher myself, but come on, it is different when you are teaching other people’s kids.  My kids know what buttons to push and how far they can push me.  Other people’s kids don’t know that stuff and are typically not willing to find out  đź™‚  Parents…Don’t ever tell them this…ever!  

I mean if I attempted to home school my son, who is now in 4k this year, he would proceed to tell me he doesn’t want to do something (match the correct number to the number of apples, color things a certain way, etc.), and i would proceed to strangle him* plead with him to do it, which would then turn into shouting and tears (probably from me), and we would both walk away upset with each other and he would have learned nothing except how to express anger by yelling and screaming at one another.  Yes, this is definitely NOT what I want to teach my kids.  There is no way in hell I could ever home school my kids because I know I would be doing them an injustice to their education.
So I really struggle to understand how anyone is able to do it, unless you have perfect kids who will do everything you tell them to do (please explain to me how to achieve this as it seems to have eluded me), I just don’t see how home schooling can really benefit your kids and push them to achieve higher standards.  I’m sure there are a lot of moms out there who do home school their kids and do a great job at teaching them the basics, but can you really say you are an expert in everything your kid would learn in a public or private school?  Math?  Science?  What about special electives like Marine Biology, Choir, etc.?
Have any thoughts on this?  Please share them, would love to hear what you think!

**Please note I would never ever strangle my kids or harm them in any way, even though I get so damn frustrated with their behavior sometimes.  I know that it is more me and my lack of patience due to no sleep, stress, etc.  I am working on relaxing so I don’t yell so much at them (I’m getting much much better at it, now my hubby just hopes I yell at him less, lol)