So far we are three days into the new year, and I have yet to write down any goals for this year.

Putting your goals in writing

I have learned over the years that if you want to make something a reality, the first step is writing it down. Until it is actually in writing, I don’t feel I can really say I’m committed to doing whatever it is I “say” I want to do.

Putting it in writing really just puts it out there, like it is a real thing. A real goal to be accomplished, something that I can be held accountable for.  If I just say I want to do something, that could be like saying anything in casual conversation; it may or may not come to fruition. If I really want to plan for success, I need to write down what I want to do.

Take for example my weight loss. Since the day I had my daughter 3 1/2 years ago, I have said over and over that I wanted to lose the baby weight and get down to a weight where I felt more comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until I put it in writing about 9 weeks ago (when I started the Nutrisystem program) that I actually starting doing something about it.

I was committed at that point. I had put it in writing. Sure, I am taking part in a weight loss program, but my commitment to actually stick with it could come and go at any time. The fact that my goals are out there for the whole world to see makes it seem more real to me. I have someone to answer to. So far it is working.

My Goals for 2013 – My plan for success

That brings me back to my goals for this year. I have been thinking over the past few days, and I have some major changes I want to make in my life both professionally and personally. Both are going to require a lot of work, but I know if I really set myself to task, I can accomplish all of my goals.

So here we go; putting them in writing has to be my first step:

Goals for 2013:

  • Get my house in order
    • If I’m being honest, it’s a mess. Sure it looks nice and clean on the surface, but the closets are packed full and we have way more stuff than we could ever use or need. It is time to purge and live more simply.
  • Get my personal life in order
    • If I’m being honest, this is a mess too. Just like my house, things look peachy keen on the outside, but if you get down to the nitty gritty, things aren’t all sunshine and roses. I’m stressed a lot, I argue with my husband too much, and I feel like I’m not doing the best job I can as a mother. This all needs to change. I need to make some changes.
  • Finish my Master’s Degree
    • I took all of last year off and it’s time to just suck it up and get it done. Two classes left, I can do this!
  • Update my blog image and tagline, along with writing content that is more relevant to me and what I want to say
    • This one I have been working on for a while, but I’ve been so indecisive I just never did anything about it. I have finally come up with a clear tagline and I am ready to get the rest of the blog image updated.
  • Go to bed by 11pm EVERY DAY
    • This probably goes along with improving my personal life, but seriously…. I have such a problem making myself go to bed I figured it needed a separate bullet point just to drive the idea home.
  • Get out of debt
    • This is always a goal, and honestly we don’t have that much debt. We have a mortgage and student loans, but I really want to work on eliminating as much of both of those as possible. I think the first step is writing an action plan, the hard part will be sticking to it. I am sometimes an impulse spender, and I really need to curb that.
  • Exercise AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK
    • I always say I want to get fit and be in better shape, but do I really do it…NO.  I need to change that this year.
  • Eat a healthier diet
    • This goes along with exercise. I always say I will, then I don’t. It’s really not that hard. We already eat mostly organic food since my husband works for an organic food company, and I really just need to add in more fruits and veggies to my diet. Easy Peasy.


Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish this year?  Write them down and see if it helps, leave us a comment and let us know what they are and how it is going!