When I was a kid I always loved a good underdog story. I still do most of the time. My daughter is a lot like I was when I was her age so I’m not surprised she loves this kind of movie too. Ice Girls is the perfect type of movie for her to watch because it is an inspiring story of a true underdog. 

Take a 7 yr old girl's word for it - Ice Girls is a great movie for younger kids!

Ice Girls Synopsis

Fifteen-year-old aspiring figure skating champion Mattie Dane is forced to put her dreams on ice after a bad fall during a tournament — and her mother’s decision to relocate the family to a new town. But a chance encounter with the owner of a local skating rink ultimately rekindles Mattie’s passion for competing and sets up an intense rivalry with a talented classmate who’ll stop at nothing to win. Featuring legendary skating stars Elvis Stojko and Tessa Virtue, Ice Girls is an uplifting underdog tale that will leave you cheering!

Ice Girls Review

As soon as this movie arrived my  7yr old daughter could not wait to watch it. She and her older brother sat and watched this movie one evening while I was preparing dinner. I caught a glimpse of the story here and there, but those two were glued – I mean glued to this movie!

As soon as it was over, she told me that I just HAD to watch it. It is so good! She then proceeded to tell me just about everything that happens in the movie. 🙂

While I haven’t had a chance to view the whole thing yet myself, take a 7 yr old girl’s word for it – it is a great movie for younger kids! 

Ice Girls Available Now

You can find a copy of this movie on Digital HD or on DVD. Both versions are available on Amazon, or at your local retailer. (I prefer shopping at Amazon since I have Prime and the 2-day shipping is awesome, or I can choose to just stream it.)